March 24, 2009

President Obama commentary on making the world work again

Posted: 08:38 AM ET

By Barack Obama, President of the United States

We are living through a time of global economic challenges that cannot be met by half-measures or the isolated efforts of any nation. Now, the leaders of the G-20 have a responsibility to take bold, comprehensive and coordinated action that not only jump-starts recovery but launches a new era of economic engagement to prevent a crisis like this from ever happening again.

No one can deny the urgency of action. A crisis in credit and confidence has swept across borders, with consequences for every corner of the world. For the first time in a generation, the global economy is contracting and trade is shrinking. Trillions of dollars have been lost, banks have stopped lending and tens of millions around the globe will lose their jobs. The prosperity of every nation has been endangered, along with the stability of governments and the survival of people in the most vulnerable parts of the world.

We have learned that the success of the American economy is inextricably linked to the global economy. There is no line between action that restores growth within our borders and action that supports it beyond. If people in other countries cannot spend, markets dry up; already we've seen the biggest drop in American exports in nearly four decades, which has led directly to American job losses. And if we continue to let financial institutions around the world act recklessly and irresponsibly, we will remain trapped in a cycle of bubble and bust. That is why the upcoming London summit of the world's 20 leading economies is directly relevant to our recovery at home.


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Terry, TX   March 24th, 2009 9:55 am ET

Commentary to the Las Angeles Times....not the paper I would have it. Garbage....everybody pay attention to his 3rd money to other countries. It's amazing he has had two messages to the Muslim world and he is now getting around to his 2nd Press Conference. Frankly..I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth...or what Geithner and Bernake have to say will all be orchestrated to put social and welfare first and jobs, economy and the country's security last.

Arlene Parkinson, Canada   March 24th, 2009 1:29 pm ET

We watch CNN often.....As a Canadian we enjoy your shows......just wanted to express disgust with the FOX show RED EYE (UTube shown on your CNN website) which made fun of Canadian troops who have served in Afganistan, especially on a day when 4 of our troops died in service there, and whose bodies were being repatriated to Canada. If the U.S. wants to be better respected by foreign countries, more respect needs to be shown its neighbours. After all ....who helped the U.S. when 911 happened by taking in thousands of Americans whose planes required a place to land, and who have served in Afganistan ever since.....the quiet Canadians, who don't brag about what they do. Americans need to show more sensivity to others, afterall maybe someday you will need a friendly neighbour.

Gary Chandler in Canada   March 24th, 2009 2:43 pm ET

The frame work is in the Fair Trade Movement. We are running out of 3rd World countries to exploit. India is catching up to China and will soon begin to buy pieces of America, like China and Russia have done.
America could use its fading power to speahead a Fair World Policy, or it can continue break down and eat dust.
The GOP began as a party of the People, "the Red Coats are Coming"
They are now the party of the the American royalty.
small government!!!???? sheesh
Their slogans are "save the Blue Suits" and "give them parachutes"
50% of wealth of by 10% of the Elite is WRONG. The GOP USED to know this, but now they fling 'socialism' 'liberalism' 'patriotism' on anybody who wants to rebuild the American dream.
ALL execs need wage controls,,, ALL. << this is Govt for the People, not NOT communism.
Circle the Wagons
{{{My prediction for the bottom of the stock market is 2900}}} < mark it on your calendars

Gary Chandler in Canada   March 24th, 2009 2:48 pm ET

This should have been fixed back at Enron!!!!!!!!
Remember the World Bank????

Justice for The Righteous   March 24th, 2009 2:57 pm ET

Obama Secretly Ends Program That Let Pilots Carry Guns

After the September 11 attacks, commercial airline pilots were allowed to carry guns if they completed a federal-safety program.

Now President Obama is quietly ending the federal firearms program, risking public safety on airlines in the name of an anti-gun ideology.

The Obama administration this past week diverted some $2 million from the pilot training program to hire more supervisory staff, who will engage in field inspections of pilots.

Ridiculous, but it is true.

JIM CARROLL INTERNET FREE PRESS   March 24th, 2009 3:43 pm ET

Jim Carroll Thank You, President obama

amy   March 24th, 2009 8:28 pm ET

Watching BO right now in a Q&A conference. He is such a liar about the economy. I have NO faith in him. His teleprompter is telling his what to say. BO is so over his head. 2012 hurry up.

eric   March 24th, 2009 9:10 pm ET

What a joke. One of the "best political team in America's" members, Ed Henry, asks a question about the future deficit issue that President Obama just spent 5 minutes explaining his views and approach to dealing with the problem. His attitude and his inuendo that the President and Secretary Treasurer Geithner kept secret that they knew about the AIG bonuses for two days for some secretive reason was offending. This President is no George Bush!! He is intelligent and thoughtful. Henry was probably thinking about his self importance when the President answered his question.

Brandi   March 24th, 2009 9:21 pm ET

Let's all stay absolutely positive and stand behind our great President...He is really concerned for us all and he is really trying. Positive attitudes will get us all further than negativity. I am all for him!

Soura Dasgupta   March 24th, 2009 9:24 pm ET

Weren't you a little embarrassed by Ed Henry's question? His question with multiple parts on unrelated subjects was incoherent. You only showed the follow up. Show the whole question. He got blown away like a fleck of dandruff from the collar.

Zion   March 24th, 2009 9:31 pm ET

Guess what, President Obama did not use a teleprompter, so I'm just adding a little salt to the haters tonight. President Obama, you once again confirmed why American overwhelmingly voted for you. This man was strong, he gave examples, and he always brought it back to his center subject, why my budget will work. My gosh, applause.

Everyone, here comes the haters 3.2.1.....

Susan Jennings   March 24th, 2009 9:31 pm ET

I think President Obama has been very honest about his plans for our country and he has my support.

Susan Brown

Molly   March 24th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

It's such a pleasure to finally have an intelligent, persistent, articulate, focused president.

JOB WELL DONE, Mr. President!~

James   March 24th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

Four Words. Ed Henry on Vacation!
Wow, that was brutal. CNN needs to give ED a loooooong break to dry some tiers!

Zion   March 24th, 2009 9:33 pm ET

Schneider: Obama looks comfortable
Posted: 08:19 PM ET

From CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider

(CNN) – The president appears very comfortable discussing complex issues and often performs well in these press conferences. It is no doubt reassuring to many Americans.

And take note: He is responding without a teleprompter.

Let the hating continue 3. 2. 1... Go Amy..

Sherrie   March 24th, 2009 9:33 pm ET

I'm in shock. A president that doesn't have to rehearse his answers, put people off, and who actually says "No." in a nano-second. I may need to be pinched to know if it's real!

Soura Dasgupta   March 24th, 2009 9:33 pm ET

Ed Henry's question with multiple "ands" sounded like Palin with Katie Couric.

leonard lipstein   March 24th, 2009 9:34 pm ET

Subject: Socialized health care is the medicine to drive the economy of the United States of America.
The kind of world we are in would not be where it is today if societies adhered completely to a strict adherence of a ‘keep what we know’, ‘don’t change what doesn’t need fixing’ or ‘keep the status quo’ is. Whether it is fear or rigid adherence to party lines or beliefs, change must come. Truly believing in what some ‘experts’ perpetuate, and you not fully understand where that person is truly coming from does not promote sound educational knowledge. Does that person have a hidden agenda? Does that person know the full repercussions or care who they affect? The problem is the average person is not well versed, is not broadly educated. Neither is the ‘professional’ who comes on air or television and wildly expresses their view as being the right and only one without understanding life is an evolution.
Let’s be frank. The word socialization scares most if not all citizens in the United States of America. It is as if all the population has been trained that this word is dirty. ‘Socialization’ in fact does not have a limited meaning, it has vast meanings. Depending on its use and context, it should not be portrayed as having a single meaning being determined as undemocratic, communistic, not free, or a controlled society. How far from the truth can Americans be? Instead of believing that, example, Canada has ‘socialized’ medicine, it is far better to understand that countries such as Canada have ‘universal’ care for its people. That has a more democratic ring to it.
Health care is a basic requirement and right for all citizens of any free country. It should be standard for everyone: from the very wealthy to the homeless. Everyone is treated the same. That is true democracy. No one has restrictions of which specialist they need to see. Whichever hospital you go to, in an emergency, you know you will be taken care of. Ambulance attendants don’t check which kind of health care plan you have before taking you to a hospital. Whether you are a billionaire or a pauper, if you need medical attention, it is a relief to know that you will be taken care of and you won’t go broke doing so.
Having universal health care is truly the very foundation of a healthy and democratic society which provides that necessity for its entire citizens. A government is democratically elected. Why is United States promoting democracy but its’ health care is truly not democratic? One might think that Americans have a right to choose what kind of health care to ‘pay’ for, and that in itself is democratic; however, it is not. Not everyone can pay for this extra nor have the extravagance of paying for co-pays or paying higher monthly premiums.
In the United States, the average person cannot afford to be sick. Why shouldn’t everyone have the right, the democratic right to the same health care privileges? Those that say that there are plans to cover those that cannot afford healthcare are the same ones that are more privileged. Those are the same people who do not understand that Medicare and Medicaid do not provide universal health care or the same health care that others who have the financial means can otherwise afford to have. Money is power but unfortunately money is not democratically divided equally to everyone. So long as there are people on this earth, so long as there is a United States, there will always be people who are the haves and the have-nots. This occurs all over the world. If a government provides a universally equal health program, this in turn provides growth and prosperity to the nation. Without that mechanism in place, a society is endangering its own economic self destruction. As is being experienced, the present private healthcare program and its costs are out of control; a cross road was bound to happen.
The November 2008 election was based on this same understanding. As the checks and balances did not add up, the new administration knew that it was going to expose that back room health care system’s costs and its policy makers that have kept in place a system being out of control. Capitalism does not belong in health care.
The present healthcare system that is in the United States is counterproductive to the welfare of its nation; it hampers growth.
Let me explain the true capital benefit of universal medicine aside from providing complete health protection, as it is less costly to the overall nation than the present private program. Universal healthcare will provide immediate and direct money to those pockets of the general public, to the industries, and companies, this change will provide the greatest stimulus to the overall country, once universal healthcare is in place.
NOTE: The value estimates and assumptions provided are just for demonstration purposes but all leads to the same results.
Wage earners benefits and effect on the economy
First lets us consider that the average wage earner has a salary of $35,000.00 to $50,000.00 and a family of four would pay for healthcare insurance coverage of say $7,000.00 to $8,500.00 per year.
Let’s assume that a combined family income is $65,000.00 and $7,500.00 per year is paid for healthcare.
Let’s assume that the income taxes being paid is on the net $30,000.00 of the gross $65,000.00 after deductions which is suggested as common, and that the tax rate is 14% or a tax cost of $4,200.00 plus the annual private health care cost of $7,500.00 = $11,700.00 total to a family cost.
Now let’s take a look at universal healthcare for this same situation where the average persons does not pay this direct private healthcare insurance costs and lets raise the tax rate to %19% of the $30,000.00 = $5,700.00 of paid taxes less the present overall total family cost of $11,700.00 = $6,000.00 of added retained to a family’s income at the same wages. Therefore the family has now $6,000.00 more to spend on their living expenses to use say, for mortgages schooling cars etc; earning the same set wages.
This as you can see allows a 300,000,000 million people population, (a great human engine), to have greater spending ability which in turn can drive this economy to demand for products, creating jobs.

Employers benefits and effect on the economy
Now let’s look at the employer in business that has say 100 employees and is paying either partial or full private healthcare cost, and let’s determine their derived benefits. If the employer is subsidizing healthcare either half or full they the employers are not given the chance to become as productive to the overall economy. So let’s examine the results of universal healthcare for them.
Let’s assume that an employer with a great private healthcare plan is subsidizing a worker at say $500.00 per employee, times that by 100 people = $500,000.00 of annual net expense costs that must be earned. So in order to pay, the employer must generate gross sales of $1,200,000.00 to $1,500,000.00 million dollars for that $500,000.00 expense, before any realized profit, the company in order to operate is now forced to generate a product at a tremendous cost to the public, which makes this company truly non competitive on the world market stage, as competing countries with universal healthcare allows their companies to produce similar products at much lower cost, therefore United States cannot maintain this single irrational private healthcare program and compete competitively: for example the car industry.
If this same company in this present environment was not required to pay private healthcare insurance they then could reduce their operating cost that makes them competitive in the world market. And being competitive their products would be lower priced creating greater demand: this in turn will require higher production demands, more employees, more raw materials, machinery, and other needs from local outside sub suppliers, which all in turn create more employment in all areas of the economy.
Let’s assume this company’s present position has a profit is $3,000,000.00 and they pay 20% tax = $600,000.00 now add to that the subsidized private healthcare cost of $500,000.00 the overall present cost to this company is $1,100,000.00, in this scenario.
A further item to consider for this company is how they struggle to grow, with limited capital available it is harder to buy new equipment, and raw goods for greater operating production. This makes companies to look at the bottom line of how to make the company more competitive. The company in this situation is further offsets to greater profits by being forced it to get extended credit, which then triggers added extra interest costs all which lowers operating capital. As one clearly sees costs of present upfront private healthcare program reduces all possible competitive chances for more product demand because of the inability to provide cheaper goods, in summary, this company suffers to rise to competiveness and growing profits.
The obvious option is clear for this company; move its production to another country which has universal healthcare which obviously affords the company a lower operating cost to manufacture products on the world stage. This manufacturing move truly decimates this country’s economy. That move also adds to other greater losses as that company now purchases machinery and raw materials it requires and further hires sub trades and suppliers that are locally located in those other countries. It is clearly obvious, the United States of America looses in all areas.
If the employer did not have pay the upfront healthcare costs in this scenario stayed here in the USA and still earned that profit of $3,000,000.00 and to that add the money it saves from not paying the private healthcare costs being spent the revised total profit for this company would now be $3,500,000.00 this act provides the company with much more operating capital to expand, to buy equipment. Further this change of not requiring to pay this hard health costs saves the possible action of the company by not having to add extra interest costs that would have been needed to apply for extended credit.
Now let’s assume the tax base for this company is raised to 25%, or $875,000.00 in taxes, less its present cost situation of $1,100,000.00, the company now has greater retained profits or earnings of $225,000.00 more by the reduced operating healthcare cost pressures. The added income profit in turn lowers operation costs, and the company becomes more competitive on the world stage driving it and the US economy forward.
Now you can start to understand why US companies have gone to other countries to produce their products.
The healthcare cost situation has come to a head and it is imperative that the people of this nation wake up and understand what’s truly at play. Fortunately, there is a growing educated youth generation, a President and staff who are conscious, well travelled, and understands economic plays. This strength of knowledge they employ along with further support from most party members who seek to expand their overall understanding within both the democrat and republican parties is beginning to take form. Unfortunately there are those in power who will never get it, even though they are considered forerunners in their particular professional fields.
The self interest groups prey on the public’s imagination and scare them into false thinking of security; it is very unfortunate that there are few true leaders who have the foresight to comprehend the problems and the correct solution as above. On the other hand it is unfortunate there are people in positions with little understanding and think up simple side solutions as in the past and try to execute with much fanfare, but the masquerade is more damaging then one can really imagine.
Yes the rich will also pay a little more in taxes as will large companies, but let’s look at this closer, this country has provided these fortunate few to prosper and be leaders in industry, so if the richer person earns $40,000,000.00 million dollars and pays a ¼ of that in taxes and retains $30,000,000 million dollars let’s ask one question is this person going to suffer?
Let’s be real do you earn $40,000,000.00 dollars, taxes and programs go hand in hand, with 300,000,000 million people who live in the United States of America if each of us gave $1.00 per month or $12.00 per year times the population would provide $3,600,000,000.00 billion dollars. You can see a small contribution equals a great result.
Now let’s say there are 4 people per family and assume that there are 75,000,000 million families paying $7,500.00 per family for their health care the spending costs at present is approximately $562,500,000,000.00 billion dollars per year can you tell me how many people are that sick per year, in fact you can’t spend that much on the present inadequate healthcare program system because there are not enough sick people in the whole of the United States, the payoffs are huge. In addition to that there is an additional fees being paid by the public for their health care. It is not inconceivable that over a trillion dollars is being paid into the present system.
All that money is being extracted out of the average wage earner with the present healthcare program or system in place. If a serious health issue occurs and the system finds an out not to pay it will remove all your life savings.
You of course did not choose the health problems, and as history has shown that in the present private healthcare system, has denied many people insurance coverage because it is in their interest not to pay.
You can choose to buy a car, a house, etc but you can’t choose not to get sick. Healthcare is therefore not a private business but is a requirement for the welfare of the nation. Just as you go to war and risk your lives for the health of the nation and its safety health care is the same.
Dr. Peter Orszag has suggested that when universal healthcare is introduced and replaces the present private healthcare program, there will be a costs savings of $637 billion dollars per year while the new universal healthcare system improves all services and removes duplicate procedures further it will have patient information systems in place.
Earl Blumenaur in Massachusetts states they have saved over $6 billion dollars by implementing a universal healthcare reform in their state which now covers over 97% of its population.
The TV networks brought on Sanjay Gupta, a Doctor, whose statements were completely out of touch, he broadcasted disaster and stated that Massachusetts State by it initiating their universal healthcare that covered almost all that its costs was spinning out of complete control and the state is now suffering, quite the reverse of Earl Blumenaur statement.
Did he think he would fool the public; he should be embarrassed by speaking of such inaccurate facts, he waved his credible banner of his doctorate degree trying to prove his knowledge while having so little? President Obama is lucky this person bowed out of being offered a top position now lead by Dr. Peter Orszag, because he said that there was not enough money for him to take that job.
Fact the United States of America pays twice as much for its present private healthcare plan than any other country abroad.
The suggested increase in taxes for universal medical cost is from 15% to 22% or a 7% increase, this change will in fact save the public over $700,000,000,000.00 billion dollars of extra payments a year that is presently being paid from families. That loss of retained earnings because of the present private healthcare system is dragging down this economy.
Included in the Obama legislation there is also a drug savings of over $9.2 billion dollars over the next seven years. This legislation will directly reduce further the publics or you’re over the counter drug costs right across the board.
To those who always bring up there will be abuse if we get universal health care, here is a Few facts of the private health care program and its actual abuses. For example there is manipulation while under for an hour charge is around $15,000.00 with a total 3 day treatment running around $50,000.00 and the patient in most cases do not require such procedures and in fact has caused people to be damaged by this procedure let me say there is good use for this procedure when it is truly necessary but the cost of it is so way out of line. All that is happening is that a person’s joints are being manipulated while they are under. There is no real surgery however this can be dangerous as the person being manipulated does not have response reflexes.
Another is published article stating the $1,000.00 charges for administrating a toothbrush, or $11.75 for a box of Kleenex tissues called mucus retrieval systems. Now let’s be frank there is much more than this abuse. Have you even looked at the cost of administering an aspirin to my mother in the 1980’s was charged $35.00 per aspirin?
So if you’re going to talk about a probable abuse that may happen to something you point with authority while having little knowledge and you yell that this system we now have offers excellent benefits when found sick, in England under the universal health care if you are found to be having even cancer there you are into a rehabilitation program within two weeks of discovery, in Canada if you are found sick the wait time could be within minutes to an hour.
A recent study shows that there is one in five working persons who are not insured in this country. Is this what you call a working system? This system has been proposed in many countries that have universal health care, they are at times aloud to exist there but they are not endorsed by the governments or the overall society as it is against the betterment of the total citizens of the society.
So to be an ostrich with your head in the sand I suggest if you don’t keep listening to all those soothsayers who are possibly receiving self interest benefits for acting out within their podium positions, you can never say I didn’t see it coming or why do they say ignorance is bliss.

Leonard Lipstein

Lou and Moe   March 24th, 2009 9:34 pm ET

A great leader with a real understanding – change for the better.

Mel and Christine   March 24th, 2009 9:34 pm ET

WE are really tired of trivial questions and analysis coming from CNN. The President's response to Ed Henry on the length of time that it took the President to respond on the AIG bonuses was an appropriate response. We don't really care if President Obama was upset at the question or not.

Please stick to substantive analysis. We are vacillating between news organizations right now because of our disgust at the amount of time CNN is spending on little issues that don't matter in the big scheme of the economic issues. PBS is looking better all the time.

Renay   March 24th, 2009 9:34 pm ET

Hey Larry,
it was great!! The highlight was Obama's response to Ed Henry. How dare Henry imply that Obama was anything less than sincere in his outrage with AIG?!!!
Ed, in case you didn't realize, his response was a SMACK DOWN!!!!! not a misunderstanding of your broader question, which was ridiculous. Please go back to journalism school to learn about reporting the facts objectively rather than always adding your snarky slant to it. And take Obama's advice: don't speak about what you don't know.
Dearest Ed, I'm always willing to laugh at you.

KR Mehlos   March 24th, 2009 9:34 pm ET

The president's talk was boring!...and once again he contradicts himself.
He says " we will reduce the deficit through saving and investing" then he quadruples the national deficit?
The public is slowly learning that they were fooled again by a sweet talking politician. Even the British media have noticed the ruse.

J TINDELL   March 24th, 2009 9:35 pm ET

I couldn't be more proud of President Obama.. I think he handled himself with grace, and dignity. I was very glad to hear the President break down his policies, and his plan to fix the financial mess that we are in Larry. I also think that it was good to hear him speak with confidence that in the near future we will be able to have full confidence in not only our tax payer dollars, the US financial markets, but also or ability as Americans to rise to the occasion, and become stronger from our pass failures as a nation.

Kingsley Macmadu   March 24th, 2009 9:35 pm ET

The President just got to office we are judging him as if he's been there for four years.

Henry from CNN should have been as direct in his follow up before Bush took us into Iraq.
Let's give him the time instead of precluding the result of his plan.

Linda Grosz   March 24th, 2009 9:35 pm ET

Finally, President Obama is grilled by the press on AIG and the deficit.
The president did not fare well when pressed on AIG and his delay on reacting to the multi million dollar bonuses. He looked and sounded irritated, to say the least. His response as to his priority being the deficit did not equate with the trillions we are spending on everything. I hope that I am not the only one out there who thinks that making healthcare more affordable is just another huge red herring.
It's a worthy goal, but it's not the reason we're here!!! Helloooo.......

Lynda T.   March 24th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

I can't believe it! the media can't find anything truly negative to say, so the best they can come up with is that President Obama looked tired and nervous. Come on, give us a break. The only thing that's tired is the constant negativity of the entire news media.

I'm ready for the first amendment to be repealed if it would shut these people up!

Vila Duvuvuei   March 24th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

It was the same old campaign speech. He is still advancing a government takeover and a socialist/communist program. He is trying to circumvent the Constitution. Shame on him!

Lessie White   March 24th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

President Obama simply displayed talent and connected with me on every point.

Sue Porretto   March 24th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Obama handled this press conference with seriousness, with knowledge and reason befitting a US President. I tried to imagine Bush ever presenting in this manner and yet Obama seems to be characterized by CNN analysts as tired and expressing anger at one of it's reporters - guess the press has become accustomed and more comfortable with Presidents who speak before they understand and decide without factual information. When in our lifetime has any President had so much on a plate and in 60 days been subjected to such criticism. Well done - again, President Obama! We will hang in with you –

KR Mehlos   March 24th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Brandi and eric's comment above is a good example of un informed voters that got us to this growing socialism. Obama has now broke 7 of his campaign promises and no one notices?

Leona   March 24th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

We elected President Obama, now we expect the democrats and republicans to support him and get this budget through congress
now to help the people ( we are not looking for your personal comments, we are looking to be represented in a timely manner)

Sandy McDonnell   March 24th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

I so appreciate President Obama's huge effort in understanding of the importance of recognizing that the major issues facing us with healthcare cost, alternative energy needs and boosting our educational system have to be dealt with now and he has the courage to face all this. He is the first President to recognize that our returning military personnel deserve to be treated with care and honor after sacrificing everything for our country. Stem cell research will potentially rescue so many–I don't believe there is more respect to embryos by throwing them in the trash. My husband and I are both so thankful that we finally have a President who is hands on without micro managing. Of course he looks tired–wouldn't you with his agenda?!! I have so much hope for this country because of his leadership.

Carleen in Massachusetts   March 24th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

How much more stumbling of words is Obama going to do. He gets blown away so easy, if his telecom is not helping him fast enough. The stumbling is becoming much more frequent.
He knows that he has lost the taxpaying American's confidence.
The President and his team has not learned to focus on a few things insist of being flecks of dandruff.
He is acting like a jack of all trades, BUT a master of none.
Also – if he is asking us to all saracifice – how come he is using up our money on daily airplane trips? Weekly cocktail parties all at our expense. He is traveling when he has no history of traveling but manages to be home every afternoon for his family and spends weekends with his family. Why not stay in his office and run this country? I am forced to work 60+ hours a week to NOT make ends meet, but he does not have to?
It seems he is on the campaign trail again, but at our expense.
The growing tea parties are looking better and better with every time he opens his mouth.

annis   March 24th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

The President is doing his best! The outrage should be directed at the Former President who got us into this mess and has left the New President with a huge responsibility of pulling us out of the pit!
It is easier to build than to destroy so it requires a swift action to spin this economy around.
Congress needs to stop playing games with people's lives but I guess they will only understand the people's suffering when it gets to their door.
In order to get us out of this sinking ship, we have to tackle every issue causing the ship to sink in order to get it a float. The spending is enormous, but the President has no better alternative so have some faith people and know that the economy will get better.

All these Analysts are caught up in theory and refuse to deal with the Facts. Thank God we have an intelligent President during these tough times.

Michael Hammond,IN   March 24th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

I think the President is right. We do need to spend taxpayer money to make this economy grow. The defict can be dealt with when firm econmic growth has been established. The increased defict is a necessary evil for now, but in the long term econmic growth will make it possible for future budgets to decrease the defict.

George Frank   March 24th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

I think his persistance with apparent common sense issues gives us confidence that he knows what he is saying and doing and will persist until the expected result, i.e. economic improvement, happens.

Lillie Freeman   March 24th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

It is clear to me that weathy members of the press are more nervous about the president's economic plan than ordinary Americans. Talk about over-exposure. I am weary of the weathy media talking heads who clearly are skeptical of any plan that addresses their own unjust enrichment! You said it Larry!! You guys are disingenous. Thank goodness I can digest the president's message without you guys!

Lillie Freeman   March 24th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

It is clear to me that weathy members of the press are more nervous about the president's economic plan than ordinary Americans. Talk about over-exposure. I am weary of the weathy media talking heads who clearly are skeptical of any plan that addresses their own unjust enrichment! You said it Larry!! You guys are disingenous. Thank goodness I can digest the president's message without you guys!

Elsie   March 24th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

Ed Henry's demeanor and aggressive stance when asking his questions to the president looked kind of childish and unrelated and the only question that he wanted to ask was why did you wait two days, before tackling the AIG bonuses seemed the only question that he was interested in. I was disappointed in him and his analysis after which only focused on the same add on question he asked. The folks at CNN should be looking at the larger picture by analyzing the whole press conference not Ed's. I love CNN, cause you bring analysts that look at everything and on the ground correspondents should be that way. Bring us the news, not try to prove your opinion. Thank you.
Love Larry King too and his laugh and AC's too.

Charles Bohannon   March 24th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

Larry, I think that President Obama gave thoughful intelligent answers to every question that he was asked tonight. He told the American people what they needed to know about his budget proposals. You have to remember what platform he ran on and was elected President on and he's showing that he is still committed to those issues dispite the dismal economy situation that his administration inherited.

Patricia O'Steen   March 24th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

President Barak Obama made everything clear to me. He answered all questions,
We all need to be behind him so he can fix the mess we are in.
We need to unite in this wonderful Country of ours.
Some people just can't get over the old man Mccain LOST!!!!
His own daughter is supporting Obama.


Zion   March 24th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

KR Mehlos, how is it socialism when the President did not give into populist anger to tax the CEOs for their bonuses? Sounds like he loves capitalism and will preserve it with our Constitution. You guys remember the Constitution that piece of paper that our last president walked on.

James   March 24th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

KR Mehlos, Name the 7 and how about giving him 7 Months before we say he has broken his promises??

Eat that!!

Rakesh Malhotra   March 24th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Not "Speed boat" but 'Ocean liner" reflects that President have realized that stimulus is "not stimulating enough" and it will take time to fix economy and address unemployment.

Fern   March 24th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Obama. A reassuring modern day "fire side chat". No over exposure there!

Deka   March 24th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

I think this president is doing everything in his power to sort out this economy mess, which he hasn't created in the first place. It was a good thing to see the reporters in the news conffence raise other issues than AIG for a change, becuase AIG dominated the whole news for the past few days. Finally lets give the president some room to do his job.

Donovan Manhue   March 24th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Mr Obama performed brillianly! He was poised, precise and was extraordinaryly informed. What a breath of fresh air! You rock Mr. Obama

keith   March 24th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

If Obama really wants to cut the deficit in half then why not try getting the upper hand on all EBT, Medicaid, and Medicare fraud as a manager of a grocery store I see it abused everyday.

Cheryl Hill   March 24th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Obama was excellent! It is so unbelievable how all the critics just itch to try and discredit Obama yet Bush 2 ruined the country and was elected, twice in the process!!! All of us stood around knowingly knowing Bush was not the sharpest knife in the drawer and failed to make Bush 2 accountable and he never held press conference and talked to us honestly, but yet and still Obama has been in office for about 60 days and we want him to fix Bush 2's entire mess like presto!!! Obama has done a better job than Bush in his 60 days than Bush did in 8 years. Obama is exhibiting leadership and what it means to be presidential. All those folks who are criticizing Obama are being hypocritical and too small to admit that he is doing an incredible job even at this point which is taking on the hard issues and problem solving to fix them... This mess did not happen overnight and it will take more than overnight to fix them. So chill! I think Obama’s got this!

isis   March 24th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

The president keeps telling us all this spending is to make our country move forward and make jobs but it has NOT! All it has done so far is more layoffs, more debt, and many of us have lost our retirements. I have even lost my little part time job to make ends meet.
Things are getting worse every time he speaks. His programs are destroying us and they are not working.
47 million don't have health care, so work with them and don't change the plan for the rest of the 300 million who does have it. We do not want rationed healthcare which we WILL GET.
Americans are asked to sacrifice. I think this president and congress must learn to sacrifice their pet projects for now.
He keeps telling us he inherited the deficit, so what does he do but triple the debt instead of finding ways to control it.
So far he has not kept any of his promises that he campaigned on, like transparency. I keep hearing people say that the Republicans have not offered any solutions, but the press will not print this. Many have and I have heard them. In fact, they have their own solution to the healthcare plan but the Dems are not letting it get out for the public.
This congress and administration really don't care about the American people. They only want to push their own agendas because they "won" and no one is going to stop them.
Thanks for bringing on people from both sides of thought so we can hear both sides.

Carol Franco   March 24th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

I thought the president did an excellent job outlining his priorities and making the case that the only way this country can grow is to invest in energy, education, and reduce the costs of health care. I agree with his priorities and his long-term vision and think he responded to the questions with deep knowledge of the issues. His focus on the middle class is spot on.

Laurie from Philly   March 24th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

I believe President Obama did a great job at the conference. He's deliberate in his comments. I trust he has a plan. And I will give it a chance to work. I may not agree or have questions, but I will give it a chance to work. I am one of those Americans who will be patient as the President carries out his plan.

I think most Americans are going to patient. I think the media is not patient because you need things to talk about and therefore the media creates the atmosphere of instant resolution of all America's problems. This feeds into and stimulates the antagonism of the Obama's opponents and this is what American's see. I think the President engages in alot of media time to combat the unrest that the media creates.

Regarding the deficit, there will be future budgets i to deal with the deficit as it always has been. I"m not amazed not at the media's shortsightedness. You don't bring a historical perspective to your current reporting on the issues.

kate   March 24th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Pres. Obama was elected because he said he would work on energy; education and healthcare and the Republicans are doing everything they can to not allow this to happen. REALISTICALLY our Healthcare has been out of control for some time and is a large part of every persons budget so it MUST BE CHANGED so everyone can be covered.
In this financial crisis why are there no Republican Statesmen who realizes our Country needs Washington to come together and fix our problems??

Renee   March 24th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

How is Obama going to create these new jobs?

Chas Topkis   March 24th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

This president's campaign platform was always education, healthcare, and energy, and this I beleive is what got him elected. How can he now be criticized for trying to deal with those. Should he walk away from these problems and say "Just kidding!". Why aren't Congressional leaders and the media critics helping to solve these issues versus continually complaining about cost. While the cost is clearly important, can't all these smart people figure it out? I thought President Obama is doing what he was elected to do!

PK Joe   March 24th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

the american people are tired of both politician from the democrat and republican party "outrage" over the AIG bonus. We are asking for action and that is what president Obama is delievering through his "media blitz"

Joyce   March 24th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

president Obama is right on target! taking it to the people.
great job president Obama.

Lisa   March 24th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

The Obama administration has done more in the last 64 days to undo this economic mess than the Bush administration did in the past 8 years.
President Obama is hitting the nail right on the head!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry Lamont   March 24th, 2009 9:47 pm ET


Simple question, HOW does Obama gets away with the notion that he inherited all this mess (suplus) when he was in congress for the last 4 years and congress is incharge of the budget? This was the most boring press conference I have seen.

Andre   March 24th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

I find it quit perplexing that we are so fast to label this president as the creator of deficit and shortfalls, but he is more transparent than Bush ever was in his eight years in office.

Vivian McDaniel   March 24th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

If the Republicans don't like government in our lives why do they want laws against abortion, homosexual marriage and stem cell research?Isn't that government involvement at the most intrusive? It seems they only want government intervention when it serves their purpose.

Jim P - Las Vegas   March 24th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

Obama is not GW. The American people should not forget what we had 6 months ago. Lets give Obama a break and let him do his job. I think the media and politicians are way too critial of this newly elected president. Change will hurt and require sacrific but most importanlt it requires faith.

Linda Goodson   March 24th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

With all the resources this country has available to the President and Congress to solve problems , I do not understand how people can question the ability and more importantly the necessity to work on mutiple problems at one time. While a singular focus has some merit , our problems have become too big and too complex to focus on single issues. We have the resources and the intellect in this country to solve these problems and I am glad we have a president willing to engage these resources. LG

John   March 24th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

It will be difficult to rattle a man that is being prayed up.

Ella   March 24th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

What I don't understand is why are republicans complaining about the very mess their administration made. It would be wonderful to see President Obama take office under better circumstances, however, I think he is doing a great job.

Henry Lamont   March 24th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

Simple question, HOW does Obama gets away with the notion that he inherited all this mess (suplus) when he was in congress for the last 4 years and congress is incharge of the budget? This was the most boring press conference I have seen.

jeanne livingston   March 24th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

When have we seen a young, brilliant president, only 60 days in office, who displays such mastery of the incredibly complex details of the economic situation and budget plan? Obama is an esciting promising leader, not only of this country but of the entire world. He performed with an apparent honesty and caring and comprehension of the situation that is unequaled by redent presidents.

Henry Lamont   March 24th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Hey Bagala,

Simple question, HOW does Obama gets away with the notion that he inherited all this mess (suplus) when he was in congress for the last 4 years and congress is incharge of the budget? This was the most boring press conference I have seen.

Bernice Emanuel Rollin   March 24th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Press nitpickers: Give Obama a break- United States of Amnesia – 60 days after Bush meltdown – he deserves better than this!

Faye, Crossett, AR   March 24th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Last week President Obama was too jovial and relaxed. Tonight the President was too stiff, and looked miserable. You people in the media should examine your heads. Whatever gets you ratings is what you do or say. As for the question from Ed Henry (who by the way, who looked as if his face was going to explode during his inquisition),.............the answer was brilliant. What did you expect him to say.

andrew   March 24th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

i expect nothing more than criticism from any republican correspondent. As an independent i have a nonpartisan view. so here we go. the president did fine in all aspects of the press conference. I feel he explained his agenda and budget plan well. Maby it takes a lay person to realize, that what the president is saying makes sense. I may be wrong in thinking this, but doesnt every president present a budget. So the out years really dont matter, the issue is what happens during his term.

Sanjay, Clarendon Hills IL   March 24th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

I don't know if his solutions will work, and think he should let the banks fail. That said, he is doing exactly what he said he'd do – how refreshing!

isis   March 24th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

BTW, he didn't use the small teleprompters, instead the speech was used a big screen behind the reporters. They showed it.

Linda McCoy   March 24th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Why is it, when our previous commander in chief was in office , after all the horrible things he and his administration did, no one questioned or challened them the way they are doing our President Barack Oboma. All of a sudden everyone has something to complain about. He was great tonight as usual. Go President Obama!!

linda   March 24th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Larry, Informed people know that AIG could have sued our US government for even more money, if they didn't get the bonus's everyone is talking about. I had a little bit of AIG a couple years ago. I had enough commom sense to get rid of it. AND, ED Henry would be a whole lot happyer working for FOX.

MARIE LAZARE   March 24th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Those who do not agree with the president are in denial. May be they are so lost from being driven to this mess by politicians that when at last we have a president that is working hard for the people, they can not differentiate from what they are used to.

It seems that hey would prefer the status quo, but the reality is, with no intervention, the status will change to depresison. NOT GREAT DEPRESSION BUT MEGA DEPRESSION!!!!!!!!!

Cathy Gubersky   March 24th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Thank goodness we have an intelligent President who gathers all the facts before making a statement. Where was CNN and all the other networks for the past 3 years while this economic storm was brewing? Where was the over-sight and the hard questions and the investigative reporting then?

Bonnie   March 24th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

Excellent press conference given by our President. I felt that he answered the questions thoroughly & I am in agreement with him. I also agree with Rahm Emanauel,, that the press didn't ask any questions pertaining to Iraq or Afghanistan. We should allow our President the time, space & support to put forth his agenda and correct the mess that has been left with from the current administration & the Republlican party.

Andre   March 24th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

I am glad our president " Thinks before he speaks," unlike our previous president. Bush had eight years of our time.....can we give this president at least a year to patch up this Bush submarine before we write his legacy?

Lorraine   March 24th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

Directly after the President spoke , the panel wasted time remarking about his tiredness, and his appearing to want to just go home. Come on! Surely with all the issues facing us, they might have noticed more significant issues. CNN is one of my favorite channels – Anderson, Wolf, and the rest of you – you disappoint me. I appreciated him presenting as hopeful a future as he reasonably can.

Angela   March 24th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

I am watching the political analyst speak about President Obama's press conference and I wonder if they were watcing the same press conference I watched. President Obama can't win. If he is somber the take by the pondents is "He seemed nervous." If he kids and jokes on the Jay Leno Show he is "not take America's problems seriously." He is being proactive, professional, and Presidential leadership. He is doing an incredible job and I am glad we have an intellect in the White House again. Give the President a chance to do his job! Contrary to the lip service of the pondents, we Americans are behind our President all the way. I am thankful he is not lying, hiding and keeping secrets like our last President.

rita   March 24th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

why is it that nobody seems to mention that the first bailout of aig was done before obama took office.

DIANE NODWELL   March 24th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Dear Larry , I live in Maine so I;m not in the mainstream.I would like to say I am so tired of Obama;s reterick and dancing all around the important questionI I believe its just Politics as USUAL.sincerely Diane in Maine....

Jay   March 24th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Obama is not the one who is sending all of the jobs out of this country.
He is not the one exploiting poor countries in the name of greed. He is trying to create jobs to replace the millions of jobs we lost.

Perry PJ Morgan   March 24th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Pres. Obama, is doing a wonderful Job, It has only been 60days, and he is at least making progress. The economy is at its low, but keep watching its going to get better...

isis   March 24th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Apparently Linda M was not watching the news or reading the papers. For 8 years they crucified and vilified the Bush admins. Hate every night and day. Remember the economy during the Bush term was fantastic during first 6 years until the Dems took congress, which is when things went down and continue to the downward spiral we are in now.

Larry   March 24th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

If I were president Obama I would quit and tell all those who are working to keep things the WAY THEY WERE so be it. All anyone has done is to have negative comments. Lets discuss the 350 billion dollars that Chaney and Bush gave to there friends. Lets discuss a war that shouldn't have been. Let's discuss the fact that some should be brought up before the court system and charged. Let's for once discuss the truth!!!!

Alan Gerrmy   March 24th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

I am relieved to see the helm of the ocean liner which was about to hit the ice berg is in the hand of an energetic, smart and knowledgeable steward. America is finally in good hands after eight turbulent years.

Debo (NJ)   March 24th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

I think CNN's news crew is reading too much into President Obama's response to the latter part of Ed Henry's question regarding his delayed angered reaction to the AIG bonuses. Give us a break! He said himself last week at the Town Hall meeting that we should not point fingers on the Democrats or Republicans, but blame him...he is the President, the buck stops with him. I think Ed Henry was just trying to make himself stand out for being able to ruffle the President's feathers. Which he failed to do.

As for Nancy Photenhauer, ...I think she needs get her head out of the clouds.

Alton   March 24th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Obama gets his way we will have goverment run health care and goverment run banks, what about goverment run bath rooms next.
Is this the change he preached during the campaign?

Dee   March 24th, 2009 10:01 pm ET

The first thing he needs to do is regulate our banks, we are still making loans to unqualified people, stated income not verifed and potential homeowners are getting into housing they cannont afford. LETS STOP THE BLEEDING WE CAN'T MOVE FORWARD UNTIL WE DO. Mexican are really a hugh problem all states they are self employed making home purchases over 5k and no way to posxibly make the mortgage payments

Tony Nuzzo   March 24th, 2009 10:01 pm ET

I think CNN's opening comments that President Obama looked tired and upset with Ed Henry's supposed great follow up question on AIG as not in touch with reality. I want a president who is informed before he/she speaks. I find CNN is moving more to entertainment than news. They want their brand as the "best political team on television " as being as important as the subject. The public relies on news shows like CNN for news . CNN needs to raise it game away from word boards and more on substance. Tony Nuzzo .. I am not interested in this note being made public but I hope someone in corporate reflects on my comment.s

Jim Meier   March 24th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

All major reserach and indicators appear to continually point to several raipdly emerging themes that President Obama seems to be working diligently to tell us all about them. These are:
1) The interlatedness of today's reality: That is, the major challenges need to be addresses strategically and viewed as parts that imapct each other-as world system. said another way, it won't work to take on the econmy one yera, and then education the next, helath care year 3 and so on, We must see the whole system
2) Every person has a role; has responsibility to add rather than detract to a common good and we need to get on with it. Governmetn can assist but don't expect entitlements-poor or rich.
3) There remains positive power for the U.S. to lead providing we unite and not divide among ourselves. And I see recurring energy coming from these 3 Ps-Pragamitic, Princilpled and Persistency.

Jim Meier
Waterloo, Nebraska

andrew   March 24th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

apparently isis has been living in a fairy tale. the economy has been falling form more than 10 years. lay offs and out sourcing has been a problem for a long time. like so many out there i think isis ties the economy in with the stock market.   March 24th, 2009 10:06 pm ET

and well that what you say Ba well OBAMA have you lost your mind do you rely think people want stand up four there right if you think that you must be mestacking were you com off with what you or saying or you talk four your seaf is thist a stregd what you talking about what you or saying is the guverments is the anly buisness well I hop you no how to read my french you may not but I shal see you larry king live on the news world show see you larry king live on the TV show see you larry king live

isis   March 24th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

He continues to say one thing and do another. They are ramming bills thru the congress without reading them which are going to harm everyone in this country. He promised transparency and that the public would be able to read bills congress sends to his desk for 5 days before he signs them. Instead, NP rushes to her Italian vacation and he is off to town meetings and then 5 days later he signs the bill in CO. That's our tax money being used for their flights. He should stay in Washington instead of yukking it up on the Leno show. We are hurting. I am hurting. I am not in the mood to see him fly around laughing all the way. How about those Wednesday night parties with bands like Earth Wind and Fire. Those are on our tab folks. I can see this once in a while, but every week??? Give me a break.

Renee Boulis   March 24th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

I am so impressed with the breadth of his intelligence, the scope of his sincere concern about the American people, and the agility with which he is able to move from subject to subject. I wish him and us well. He's doing a great job. The economy is such a mess. I do believe he and his team will figure it out. I hope the influence of big money is not tripping up the team.

andrew   March 24th, 2009 10:10 pm ET

once again isis must be watching something different from everyone else. this is the first president i have seen in my short time on this planet that says i will propose this, and by some odd chance of circumstance he proposes just what he said he would. omg tar and feather him he tells the truth

Bernice Emanuel Rollin   March 24th, 2009 10:10 pm ET

Banks and corporations give 2% on saving and charge 28% on credit and penalties – Thank goodness for Obana

Diane Russell   March 24th, 2009 10:11 pm ET

It is so obvious what the answers are going to be in response to how we think President Obama did tonight. Republicans are going to say he did bad and so on...Democrats are going to say he did great. I happen to be a Democrat and I truly feel he did excellent. Contrary to what one of the critics no way at all did he appear nervous. Democrats vs.'s like two gangs or opposing religious views. I think it's childish. If you like President Obama then you just like him...not because he's a Democrat or black or even that he's incredibly handsome. 🙂 Really, let's get ourselves together and make sense when we get on tv or even write on these blogs.

Peggy   March 24th, 2009 10:13 pm ET

The only people that "Don't get it" are Republicans. They condemn and critize yet offer little to nothing when it comes to solving the economic problems of this country. The American people see this very clearly and it is this condemnation (by the Republicans) that continues to drive the American increasingly more in support of President Obama.

It is Not enough to simply speak about how terrible one thinks the President's budget may not serve us well; you (the Republican party) have to offer an idea that is better and if you cannot, then get behind the man who for now is also your (the Republican's) President.

Angela James   March 24th, 2009 10:15 pm ET

Hi larry: the President did a good job by giving a well speech, the republicant hates him so much that they put him down all the time it does not matter to them what he say they going to blame anyway but I belive in my president that he will fit what bush distrated. and I know he his going to do well for the people that put him in the whitehouse ,and he is going to put the country back on it's feet.

Diane Russell   March 24th, 2009 10:17 pm ET

Ok, so now Ed Henry thinks he really did something ! Ed, big deal...all you did was get on Obama's nerves. Now let him go on and fix the United States of America...which we all know he will do in due time successfully. He will not fail because he's got the whole United States and beyond behind him..except for the 5 people who didn't vote for him in November.

peter & eunice   March 24th, 2009 10:20 pm ET

we are in AWE of this elegant man, President Obama ! we haven't seen anyone like hm since JFK ! the last 8 yrs have been very difficult for us, we did not think we would live long enough to see GW Bush leave !...we are in our 80's..born when Herbert Hoover was Pres.....

chris   March 24th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

I support the President. In fact, I voted for him. I understand some of his rational for the goverment's role in resusitating America's jobs engine. However, there are things he and his administration can do that do not involve giving billions of dollars to failed institutions! For example, month after month as hundreds of thousands of Americans lose their jobs, the feds keep pumping another 140,000 new foreign workers into the labor force. As recent as yesterday, the President met with a delegation of CEOs from India to assure them there would be no further restrictions on US foreign worker visas. This defies logic! Elimiating foreign worker visas would cost nothing and create jobs immediately.

isis   March 24th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

I keep hearing that Republicans only criticize and offer NO SOLUTIONS. They are offering solutions.

Every channel needs to bring in people from both sides to explain the criticisms and solutions. Why is this not being done? Perhaps the Democrats would know what is really going on.

andrew   March 24th, 2009 10:26 pm ET

ok the republicans are offering me ...where is their budget plan ...where is their plan to end this me were i can find them ..ill read them and apologize for saying they dont have any answers just loud mouth ranting.

and by the way im an independent.

Diane Russell   March 24th, 2009 10:29 pm ET

Ummm, do you watch CNN. They have republican and democrats representing. So what's the plan ? All kinds of opportunities to present the so called better plan...what is it ? President Obama has even asked...bring it, let him see it.

isis   March 24th, 2009 10:30 pm ET

The president is doing wonderful things? Really? Name one.

What happens when there are no rich people left to take from? Then where will Washington go for their taxing?

We continues to lose our jobs and watch our retirement disappear in front of our eyes. Where do you guys think your retirement is grown, on Wall Street.
When you retire you will see your retirement gone and will pay big in taxes. I am retired and lost a lot, even my part time job 2 months ago. With the inflation we will have in the coming months and years, we will be hurting so much more.

andrew   March 24th, 2009 10:36 pm ET

first of all it was this administration that stopped the nose dive wall street was taking. second of all wall street doesnt represent the economy as a whole because the same companies that were making all that money, whos stock was sky rocketing ,are the same companies closing plants, and shipping jobs overseas. so you would still be out of a job. thank the republicans for that. third point the president isnt taking anything from the rich, he is just not giving them the huge breaks bush gave them. stop listening to sound bites. and listen to everything thats being presented and become more informed.

isis   March 24th, 2009 10:43 pm ET

He took 13 questions in ONE HOUR. The questions are chosen ahead of time. Wonder how he would have sounded without the huge tv teleprompter behind the heads of the reporters???

CNN uses the same one republican and lots of the same democrats. You call this equal. I think not. Being retired, I watch CNN, FNC, and MSNBC so I can hear what everyone is saying. Most of you watch only one station and read one paper. That's the problem. Not all the info gets out because the press and congress shelter this administration.

Barbara Darby   March 24th, 2009 11:04 pm ET

Tonight's press conference held by President Obama provided another opportunity to hear directly from our President about his efforts on multiple fronts. Sixty+ days into his administration, I believe that he is doing well considering what he inherited.

For eight years we watched an inarticulate and ineffective president lead us down the road to where we are. He did not engender the kind of criticism in those 8 years that I hear being posited on President Obama in his short tenure. How quickly some of us forget!

Nevertheless, I prefer to hear from the president directly than to hear the various political commentators and the "spin" they attach to his words. I can make my own decision about his truthfulness and the content of his message. Other individual's interpretations of his message are not necessarily pure and well intentioned – politics is always in the mix.

It is my hope that the President will continue to speak to the American people directly and not rely on others to convey his messages, He is articulate, smart and committed to making a difference in this nation.

Let's give him a real chance to do so!

Renee   March 25th, 2009 12:12 am ET

President Obama was Great!!! as a voter who voted Obama in office along with a million others will be patience with our President and his team because this is a Big Mess that we as a country face and it will take time to get us back on the road to recovery. President Obama is doing everything that he can to move this country forward. What I am saying to the President and his team give up the good work!!!!

Renee-Atlanta   March 25th, 2009 12:21 am ET

The President was great. He is doing a great job.I am learning alot about the subjects and ours problems. As a nation we have to invest in Education, Healthcare, Energy. If we had cared and critiqued the past President we would not be in this situation today. CNN is also apart of the problem by reporting and commenting on half truest. I enjoy MSN new because I get the whole true. My comment to the critics of the President plans is where are your plans. We allowed Bush to lie and run this country into the ground without criticism from you the media and Congress. Like the President said," If you invest in Education, Healthcare, and Energy we will be a best nation. The President is correct and he makes sense unlike the past administrations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mm   March 25th, 2009 12:38 am ET

Obama and his band of thieves are masking thier long term plans with supposed this economic crisis plan! They're not fixing anything and proof of that was how quickly they "came up with" the stimulus package and never even allowed congress time to read it prior to voting on it! I feel as if we have immature children running our country! Imagine passing a bill that cost us 1 trillion dollars and not even reading it! And then finding out you promised AIG staff a billion or so in bonuses! A big OOOOOOOPs and I think this is only the beginning of this immature cabinets destructive errors!

Vickie Russell   March 25th, 2009 12:43 am ET

Bravo. I can live with President Obama's mistakes any day over the mistakes we face from the past. Partly because he and our country have learned from them, but for the most part because he believes in persistence to achieve perfection for the United States of America and to give as much as we can in the process to the rest of our planet. President Obama's diligence to see to what is right in what we do every day puts most of us to shame.

Smith-Harrison   March 25th, 2009 12:46 am ET

CNN's news panel tonight was not being honest on their analysis on President Obama's responses to the press' questions. Again, he did a job!!!!

Pat   March 25th, 2009 12:49 am ET

I thought that President Obama, I'll repeat that "President Obama", not Obama, not Barack Obama, not Mr Obama, "President Obama" was his usual clear concise and honest self. He answered the questions. Didn't spin to fit an agenda, unlike the press commentary afterwards. Thank you Mr President for not underestimating the intelligence of the average American, again unlike the main stream press. Keep it up!

Steve from Hawaii   March 25th, 2009 12:50 am ET

I thought the president did very well tonight and I appreciate his emphasis on what needs to be done "now"! I agree with all of what he presented. Health Insurance reform, adequate education for all grades including the ability for most Americans to attend college and the lack of progress in Alternative Energy are major impediments to the progress and growth of the United States. Creating tax credits for alternative clean energy is long overdue as polluting industries put a terrible burden on our country, causing death and disease due to pollution and environmental damage which the tax payer ultimately has to pay for in taxes, our health and lives. Right now we are a petroleum based economy which has been a two edged sword and we must diversify.

These issues have long been neglected and it's exciting to see that our president is ready to tackle these issues along with the economic crises. Not to mention our president shifting emphasis from Iraq to Afghanistan, where it should have been, and creating good will again with other nations. More power to him and I hope all of America will stand behind him. We can and will make it through this tough period and I am proud to say I voted for this most inspiring and intelligent president.

mm   March 25th, 2009 12:50 am ET

Hitler was great too at one's a bit scarey how American citizens seem so willing to follow this inexperienced newbee off a cliff and not even question his planned 9 trillion dollar spending spree!

Jean   March 25th, 2009 12:56 am ET

Do you really think the homeless children will last 3 to 5 years before there parents can get a job? He never said how long the children will live under the bridges and tents.

Emma   March 25th, 2009 12:59 am ET

The problem with CNN and other media is it has been so long since they had an articulate, intelligent, persistent president, they don't know how to respond to him. The only thing I regret is that a man of this stature had to come into a presidencey with the country left in one of the worst messes in history. If President Obama had taken office as Bush did eight years ago with a surplus and the economy booming, I can only imagine where we would be by now. Even with all the mess, however, if anybody can get us out President Obama is the man. This man truly cares and is doing everything within his power to move this country forward. If only he had a few good people to help him.

Lynne Forrest   March 25th, 2009 1:48 am ET

President Obama did a fine job and I was once again mesmerized listening to his every word. He explains things so well, and in such great length – thank goodness those one-line answers are a thing of the past. Ed Henry would do great with the National Enquirer – I just wonder who he is to suggest to the President that he didn't seem angry enough. His judgments of the President are petty and childish, and the country is sick of that. If the President were to display anger he'd be the first to insinuate he's just an angry black man.
I heard that all through the campaign – and in my opinion the media would love for him to be angry and they're just frustrated.
The panel after the press conference was awful – critical and negative as usual. Bill Bennett is a miserable gas bag who shouldn't be talking about anybody – he couldn't shine Obama's shoes. Is there a CNN host other than Larry King who doesn't put down the President day after unending day. Everything revolves around Obama, and there is always a question mark after his name. Is he doing too much? Why isn't he doing more? Is he getting his message out? Should he be on Leno? ...... ad nauseum . The scrutiny is actually brutal. The media chatter and the negative drumbeat do nothing but turn people off. Get behind him for heavens sake and help him get out of this mess – the mess you seem to forget that Bush created.
I always loved CNN, but it appears to have gone to the dogs.
Lynne Forrest

Kevin   March 25th, 2009 3:52 am ET

So where are all the questions and answers about Single Payor Health Care? The majority (over 65%) of Americans are demanding this – including most people participating in the health care meetings being held around the country – but where are the questions from the media on this? Where is the discussion on this topic? Where is the coverage by the corporate media on this topic?

Alexander, Nigeria   March 25th, 2009 5:59 am ET

President Obama, is human, he is fallible, and he is not a God, until Americans realize this they will not stop being angry with a man who inherited a terrible economy. Wait for him!

Bob Black   March 25th, 2009 6:16 am ET

Well personally I and many other Europeans are laughing are socks off I saw this situation comming along time and did the clever thing and got out of Europe and everying American and now I am sitting quite happily basic maths tellls you that if the numbers dont add up you cant afford it and chapter 11 and all the crap that goes with it and bailing out banks ( Communsim) in my book and the definition in the dictionary who started it the great defenders the Republicans!!!!! Maybe this will bring a few of the big headed so callled best in the world down to earth let there be a depression and then that will get rid of all the so called blue chip companies (not so blue chip now ha ha)
listen to other countries for a change because it is obvious to the rest of the world that the USA is not as great as you seem to think USA owned by China which system works best ? Do I need to ask that question! Until the USA points the finger in and admits that you have totally been caught with your fingers in the cookie jar is the USA going to be a 3rd world nation many opinions in Europe good bye USA hello China Africa has alredy made the move Asia is making the move South America as well imagine a world where the USA is the nos one any more what bliss! but the USA is only nos 1 in the minds of Americans. No health care unless private unemployment benefit only for so long subsidised petrol what a load of rubbish. Remember the govt works for you not the other way round!!!!

Judith   March 25th, 2009 7:15 am ET

It isn't President Obama who made the kids live under bridges and tents,jobs closing,jobs loss and the home crisis,health care.Let's be honest.Ones are taking their problems out on the wrong person who 'is' trying to fix it. President Obama just became President or were these people in a deep sleep for 8 yrs?

FOX News and the GOPs Party are trying their darnest reporting it is President Obama spending too much when in fact the problems of the Bush adm has made this come to light for him to do this.How else are we going to fix the problems?Wake up American if you 'think with your day dreaming' that it was great under Bush.People were losing jobs a few years ago.Mortgage crisis started in 2007 with the down fall.Bush was the one that made us spend big $$ on his war,Iraq.

If President Obama were to sit on his hands and do nothing like Bush and let the economy fall were it falls these same people still would be yelling he's not doing nothing.

We've seen President Obama more than Bush in 8 yrs.He's one that will keep the people inform when Bush seemed like he wanted to do things in secret.While President Obama's face shows he's upset on the internet Bush had the cocky attitude.

Dick Cheney had 8 years to open his mouth and I think ones forgot to tell him he's not the VP no more.Who would even want to listen to his fail policies of the Bush Adm anyway.

The GOPs who talk to the media that have kept saying they have a plan sounds just like Presidential Candidate Ross Perot 1992 and 1996 who flap his jaw about "I have a plan'.When ask,he never came up with a plan.

In this time we should All work together to be United instead of Divided for America no matter what the Parties stand for.President Obama seems to want to do this but no matter what he does or doesn't do it's the GOPs had it in their heads to keep the dividing going and to vote NO on anything.Because of their attiude yes he should go ahead and do what he must for America and let the GOPs yell all they want.

Judith   March 25th, 2009 7:18 am ET

response to mm,
How many followed Bush and his adm and look at the results of today.

Judith   March 25th, 2009 7:35 am ET

One more thing Larry,
Everyone thought Reagan was a Great President.How many jobs were loss under him?Thousands.He was a Union Buster,Plants all around the Country were closing Unions and Non Unions.Stock market crash and many lost their 401 k monies where many wanted to retire and couldn't.Farmers lost farms.
Reagan was one that said we should have more foreign items coming into the USA.How about deregulation of domestic markets.
Reagan’s voodoo economics, deregulation, and the destruction of the middle class.
Reagan’s assault on the striking Air Traffic Controllers when they were negotiating a labor contract, and open-borders allowing Mexicans to pour over our borders to provide slave labor for farmers in defiance of the Farm Workers Union contributed to the emasculation of organized labor.

Reagan nullified the oversight duties of agencies (EPA, SEC, FDA, etc.) that led to the failure of Savings and Loans and cost taxpayers hundreds of billions in a bailout.
Reagan’s voodoo economics (identified by the senior President Bush) cut taxes on the wealthiest and increased spending on the military makeover. This is known by Republicans as deficit spending, which added trillions to the national debt.

Peter Luttenberger   March 25th, 2009 9:01 am ET

Any Stimulus Plan is just a quick fixing for some time.
Recessions an depressions will repeat them self over and over again like the past has shown.As long people wants to make profit from other people's needs,it's just a matter of time till the next crisis hits the world.
Humans must understand that this world and it's natural resources are here for everyone .There is enough for everybody on this planet.

Peter Luttenberger

thomas   March 25th, 2009 2:39 pm ET

pls. do not expect miracles..maybe take a few yrs..Pres Obama knows he will be "gray" in 4 yrs..but he will try his best..sure, mistakes will be made..anyone who doesn't make a mistake is either dead or not doing anything!...

Sean Lawrence   March 25th, 2009 4:10 pm ET

I have two thoughts of the current economic developement. I am deep in thought about the loss of taxpayers money to pay big exec bonuses. Allowing businessis to merge as they have had set the groundwork for this type of theft of public monies. I do not believe that the token stimulus that was given to taxpayers would do anything. If the banks are at such a loss for money, the taxpayer families that make under $200,000 should be given that amount. That injection of monies, if to pay off mortgage or other expenditures, would put money back into the system again. I beleive it would be cheaper than giving it to the greedy execs at AIG. By the way, I think the Bonus tax of 90% for any amount over $250,000 is fair considering the execs of companies are hoarding monies for themselves. They forget this is a working nation so let them pay the taxes fairly as well.

My other comment concerns President Obamas thoughts to push Fossil Fuels, Coal to be exact , as a primary source of energy to get the nation back on its feet. I am fearful that the President has not looked deeply enough into the consequences of burning Coal as fuel.

His comments are about burning coal as a clean and efficient fuel. What he seems to be overlooking is what happens during the burn, a product of fire, not coal fuel is the increase of CO. To create power from any fossil product requires enormous amounts of fire and Oxygen resulting in an overwhelming poisoning of the atmosphere and loss of protection from the suns heat.

The world seems to be on the edge, weather changes, temperature changes and all caused by mans abuse of energy and use of our limited poluting fossil fuels.

If there was a time to start looking at solar, its now. Pres Obama could do the world a favor and require cars to go green, homes to go solar and rip us away from the poluting fossil energies that have caused the problems we live with today.


Valerie from Oklahoma   March 25th, 2009 11:52 pm ET

I know this may be a bit off the subject, but my grandson is now confused. He can't understand anything that our new President says, and when asked why not. I told him that's because this is an intelligent President who knows how to speak well, articulate, pronounceate, and use correct sentences.

He said "oh" I understand the last President was in elementary like me, and I simply replyed "yes" You know it's sad when even a 3rd grader could comprehend what Bush was talking about, which was mainly nothing. I'm so proud to have a President who not only looks, acts and carry's himself like a President, but also speaks like one.

ed,vancouver canada   March 26th, 2009 3:16 am ET

you can gold plate dog pooh .
in the end it is still dog pooh.
Trillions lost?where is the money? is all paper

obama is a confused liar led astray by the same old clowns.
the market fart of a few days ago is short lived,
and once reality sets in why 800 billion is almost 4 trillion,the liar that he is will show it's true intention.
he lied about protectionism. ontario has lost mega jobs.
the fact is they are all liars.
"the stimulus bill will be read line by line" would still be reading it.

ed,vancouver canada   March 26th, 2009 3:23 am ET

the u.s is trying to suck the g20 into spending money so the value of the u.s. dollar does not drop in relation to others.
you can not sell anything when there are no buyers.

how old is the G20?
invented recently.
meetings on sundays,members do not work after sunset fridays,or saturdays.
the diamond dealers are at it again.

ed,vancouver canada   March 26th, 2009 3:25 am ET

1936 all over again

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