March 31, 2009

Tonight: Natalie Cole On Her Health Struggles!

Posted: 07:05 PM ET

Tonight, Natalie Cole in a "Larry King Live" exclusive!  She's "Still Unforgettable," but facing major medical problems. natalie-cole-for-web-copy The singing superstar,  who battled drug use, NOW is in desperate need of a kidney transplant! She's was hospitalized for kidney failure in September and is now on dialysis.  Her family's kidneys do not match hers!  What does she do now? Natalie Cole and her fight for her health!


CLICK HERE to comment, then tune-in tonight.  We may use it on the air!

For more information on organ sharing, go to United Network for Organ Sharing or the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network.

Get updates from Natalie at her website!


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Katty Kay: My letter to Obama on his visit with the Queen

Posted: 08:33 AM ET

By Katty Kay of the British Broadcasting Corporation

Dear Mr. President,

We are so delighted that you and your wife will be joining us at Buckingham Palace tomorrow. We will do our best to ensure the weather is fine for your visit, but unfortunately since our forebears abandoned absolute monarchy in 1689, the climate has been rather less under our control. One hears that the globe is warming but we see little evidence of it here in drizzly London.

I understand you have been taking lessons in royal protocol at your country house in Camp David. I do hope your minions did not confuse you with talk about farms and hams. I appreciate "ma'am" comes less naturally to the American tongue than "ma'am" but we make allowances for our guests from overseas. Can you believe that ever since that film with the delightful Helen Mirren playing myself became such a success I've had a string of visitors stumbling over their greeting and actually calling me "Farm"? Which is more forgivable than your successor, Mr. President, who winked at me during my state visit to America a couple of years ago, after stumbling himself into the suggestion that I was somehow born in 1776. Farm is mildly amusing, Mr. Obama; a wink, is not.

And, while we are on the subject of films, I think a boxed set of DVDs is unnecessary, don't you? Our press got frightfully upset when you gave some American "movies" to our prime minister recently and took it as a bit of a snub. One does have to tread carefully around such national sensitivities. It is not, between ourselves, something Mr. Bush was terribly adept at, we are rather hoping for improvement, and so we’re glad to hear you refer recently to the "special relationship" between our two nations.


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Hospital fires 15 for looking in to Octomom's file

Posted: 07:53 AM ET

Fifteen employees were fired for improperly accessing medical records of Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets, a Kaiser Permanente spokesman said Monday.

"We always provide training on the importance of patient privacy and confidentiality," said Jim Anderson, the hospital spokesman. "We knew from the time she (Nadya Suleman) was admitted to the hospital in December, this case would attract attention.

"Numerous training sessions were held to remind people of the need to keep the information confidential."

Eight other employees of the Bellflower, California hospital were disciplined for accessing Suleman's files, Anderson said.

Anderson said there's no indication that any of the information was distributed outside the hospital to the media.


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March 30, 2009


Posted: 06:38 PM ET

Does "GM" stand for "Government Motors?"  Taxpayers have been stuck with a $17 BILLION price tag so far to keep GM and Chrysler afloat - and they're asking for more! Today, President Obama forced GM's top executive out!  And he put Chrylser on notice.  But, the markets tumbled AFTER the president spoke!  What's going on here?  Should the government be involved like this?  We want to hear from YOU!1tvlarrycustom

So, our "Question of the Day" is:

"Should the government bail out struggling businesses?"

CLICK HERE to tell us what you think.  Then, tune-in tonight!  We just may use your comment on the air!


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Krugman: Economic crisis has tarnished America's reputation

Posted: 08:49 AM ET

Ten years ago the cover of Time magazine featured Robert Rubin, then Treasury secretary, Alan Greenspan, then chairman of the Federal Reserve, and Lawrence Summers, then deputy Treasury secretary. Time dubbed the three “the committee to save the world,” crediting them with leading the global financial system through a crisis that seemed terrifying at the time, although it was a small blip compared with what we’re going through now.

All the men on that cover were Americans, but nobody considered that odd. After all, in 1999 the United States was the unquestioned leader of the global crisis response. That leadership role was only partly based on American wealth; it also, to an important degree, reflected America’s stature as a role model. The United States, everyone thought, was the country that knew how to do finance right.

How times have changed.

Never mind the fact that two members of the committee have since succumbed to the magazine cover curse, the plunge in reputation that so often follows lionization in the media. (Mr. Summers, now the head of the National Economic Council, is still going strong.) Far more important is the extent to which our claims of financial soundness — claims often invoked as we lectured other countries on the need to change their ways — have proved hollow.

READ MORE of Krugman's commentary HERE

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Madonna readies to adopt another child from Malawi

Posted: 08:10 AM ET

Madonna will hear Friday whether she will be allowed to adopt a child from Malawi, a spokeswoman for the poor African nation's attorney general told CNN Monday.

The singer should appear in person to hear the judge's decision, said Zione Ntaba, press officer for the Attorney General's Office of Malawi. She was in court for Monday's hearing where Ntaba said the judge read documents and questioned the parties.

An uncle of the 4-year-old girl Madonna wants to adopt was scheduled to sign adoption papers Monday, according to Martin Geissler, a reporter for the ITN television network who is in Malawi, but he does not appear to have been at the court.

The singer, who adopted her son, David Banda, from Malawi in 2006, arrived in the impoverished country Sunday.

She was seen walking through the village of Chinkhota with her daughter Lourdes, 12, after touching down at the airport in Lilongwe.


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911 transcripts released in death of actress Natasha Richardson

Posted: 07:29 AM ET

A few hours after her fateful fall on the ski slopes, Natasha Richardson appeared "disoriented … with signs of confusion, a concussion," according to a medic who radioed hospital staff from the ambulance.

In tapes of the 911 call obtained by Canada's Globe and Mail, the actress's condition initially appeared mild.

"10-17," the medic says at 1 p.m. on March 16, meaning he has arrived after a call to the 911 dispatch center near Mirabel, Quebec, in response to Richardson's fall at the Mont Tremblant ski resort. "Uhh, we're still waiting for the patient."

Richardson, who was then feeling lucid, had declined treatment.

"There's a [ski] patroller who just went by, who tells me it's a 10-3," the medic reports to dispatch at 1:11 p.m. In ambulance code, 10-3 indicates the job is cancelled.

But as mid-afternoon approached, Richardson began to experience severe headaches and the dispatch received another emergency call from the hotel, this time with the code "17-Delta-1," which indicates the situation is now classified as "dangerous."

Within 45 minutes, the medics had rushed Richardson into the ambulance and were headed to the Centre Hospitalier Laurentien in Sainte-Agathe, a local hospital.


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March 29, 2009

Sunday's LKL: Meghan McCain

Posted: 01:14 PM ET

Tonight, Meghan McCain!  She's taking heat after taking on some conservative commentators.artmeghancnn1 What's going on?  She's also a regular contributor to   John McCain's outspoken daughter joins Larry at the desk!  Want to read other postings by Meghan?  Go to:

Then, Larry's political panel weighs-in on the U.S. Treasury's plan to rid banks of "toxic assets," President Obama's "60 Minutes" interview, his comments on former Vice President Cheney and more.

Plus, Joel and Benji Madden! Joel lets us in on life with Nicole Richie, their baby, and the new one on the way! Plus, their eye-opening trip to Africa and how you can help!

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March 28, 2009

Saturday's LKL: Ed Norton and "Border Terror"

Posted: 12:39 PM ET

Tonight: Can turning off your lights save the planet?  That's what actor and activist Edward Norton, the World Wildlife Fund and others are saying!Ed Norton And they're asking people around the world to turn off their lights for one hour tonight to make a global statement about climate change.  Singer Alanis Morissette also joins the conversation at the desk in LA.  Will YOU participate?  Can this REALLY help?

But first, terror at the border! Murder, kidnapping and threats grip Mexico as the drug trade takes over – and threatens the U.S.!!  Can it be stopped?  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to the region this week to get a firsthand look at the problems there.  Anderson Cooper, Edward James Olmos, Tom Tancredo and others join Larry to talk about the battles that have claimed more than 6,000 lives in the past year alone.   Plus, Larry talks to the family of someone who was kidnapped in Mexico.

For more information on the EARTH HOUR project Edward Norton talks about tonight, check out:

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March 27, 2009

Friday's "Question of the Day"

Posted: 06:40 PM ET

Tonight, President Obama says he'll order 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan, in addition to the 17,000 additional combat troops he authorized last month.  Is this enough for victory there?  Too little?  Will the conduct of this war haunt the Obama administration?  We want to hear from you!

The Question of the Day is:


Sound off by CLICKING HERE!

Also tonight:  Will President Obama make history and legalize the use of marijuana?  Not if opponents can help it!  Montel Williams, Stephen Baldwin and other debate the issue tonight on the program.

But up first on the program, floods threaten Fargo.  People prepare for the worst! The latest from North Dakota with families whose homes are at risk!

It's all tonight on "Larry King Live," as Tavis Smiley sits-in for Larry as guest host.

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