February 20, 2009

Larry King Thanks Students For Fund-Raising Work

Posted: 11:49 PM ET


Florida – The Hillel School raised more than $10,000 for the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, which funds heart treatments for patients without adequate health insurance. Since the beginning of the school year, students stashed spare change in piggybanks, got pledges for a race they ran, and sold crafts, used books and baked goods.

Amy Wasser, head of school at the private Jewish education center, thought the $10,000 goal was out of reach. But families embraced it.

"With everyone coming together, we easily did it," she said. "I think it's an amazing message we taught these kids."

The payoff came in a chance to meet King, who has three grandchildren at Hillel, and see for themselves the difference they made. The cardiac foundation differs from other charities by linking donors with the people they help.

King said the personal connection is the most important one to him.

"It's so heartwarming," he said. "The whole concept of helping people is the best thing I do."

He brought his 10-year-old son, Chance, with him to Hillel because Chance hopes to inspire his Beverly Hills elementary school to hold a similar fundraiser. The foundation already is a family affair. His son Larry King Jr. is president and his wife, Shawn Southwick-King, is chairwoman.

Larry King Jr.'s three children attend Hillel, prompting the connection with the foundation. The senior King and Douchet toured the school before talking to students in an assembly, pausing in 5-year-old Stella King's kindergarten class to record a 30-second podcast to send to parents.

"I hope you all have a great day," King said on the podcast, "and I hope you take care of your hearts. Right, Stella?"

"Yeah," said Stella, who wore red suspenders as a nod to her famous relative's trademark fashion in a color that referred to his pet cause.

Larry King established his cardiac foundation in 1988 after surviving a quintuple bypass surgery the previous year. Someone had asked him the cost, which he hadn't thought about. When he researched it, he realized how unattainable the life-saving surgery would be without health insurance.

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Ruby   February 21st, 2009 12:29 am ET

Please stop referring to money when interviewing African Americans.
You made a reference to Tyler Perry's multimillion dollar studio in Atlanta. What's up with that? What's are you worth? What's your rank among white men? We all know Tyler is large.

angie   February 21st, 2009 12:37 am ET

I relate to Tyler Perry. However, I resent him referring to "African American" when I'm of color "white" and grew up very poor...I've achieved and resent him and others putting themselves in a separate
position just because they "call themselves African Americans"....

angie   February 21st, 2009 12:47 am ET

Love ya Dolly. Thank you for all your contributions:)

Dale Simpson   February 21st, 2009 1:13 am ET

Larry, Let me just thank you for having Dolly Pardon on your show! She is of my generation and a true survivor...we all need to hear from survivors now. She is a true inspiration and as real as they come.

Andie K, Phoenix, AZ   February 21st, 2009 11:38 am ET

We need to stop criticizing the stimulus package because this is the only thing we have at this time to work with. As the media, you should form a panel and discuss what should be done with the stimulus money so that some of the honest politicians at the different levels in the governent (state, city, etc.) might pick up these good ideas and actually help American people for a change.

This is the time that all Americans have to come together.

Ruby   February 21st, 2009 12:31 pm ET


Karen   February 21st, 2009 2:08 pm ET

To the producers of CNN’s Larry King Live (and to Larry King himself) …

I almost missed it. I was sitting there, Friday evening (February 20th), comfortable and warm, clutching my cup of hot tea, watching Larry King before bedtime. The commercials came on and I started talking to my husband, periodically glancing at the television to see if Larry was back yet. It only took a split second to read the tagline of an ad as it moved to the next commercial. Lucky thing I can rewind live TV and see what it said: “ … when divorce is not an option.” Hmmm. Must be some sort of counseling service online? I backed it up and watched the whole commercial. I thought perhaps I was too tired to accurately understand what I was seeing. Was I watching a commercial about a dating service for married people? A site that promotes infidelity and helps match potential cheaters with each other? A site that teaches people how to cheat on their spouses without getting caught? Couldn’t be. I mean, this is CNN. This is the Larry King show. Respectable people watch this channel. Respected journalists and talk show experts host the shows. When you see something on CNN, it’s ok, right?


I am shocked, saddened and wholeheartedly dismayed to discover that a trusted news organization like CNN would be so hard pressed for advertising dollars that it would accept money from and … even worse … air commercials from an organization called Until I watched Larry King and saw this jaw-dropping commercial, I had not heard of Ashely Madison. Clearly, I lead a ridiculously sheltered, if not moral, life. I say that because, if you simply google the name Ashely Madison, you find even more hideous sites offering “booty calls” for married people, dates, sex and advice on how to manage and get away with your infidelity. Go to the Ashley Madison Web site yourself and you will see the site’s tagline … “Life is short. Have an affair.”

I cannot believe it. Does anyone at CNN ever use their brains when deciding what to air in terms of commercials? We can’t advertise cigarettes but we can tout infidelity as morally acceptable enough to have on CNN now?

What on EARTH are you thinking? Not only are such sites immoral – let’s try really, really hard to remember … there’s something called the Ten Commandments. Now who was it that wrote those? Oh yes, God. In case you have forgotten, please let me help you … there is one commandment from the Lord God Almighty, our Creator, and the Creator of the Universe, that says, and I quote, “You shall not commit adultery [Exoduc 20:14].” Oh, and another one that says, “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife [Exodus 20:17].” And by the way, in case you thought God didn’t mean it when He said those things, He reminds us that He most certainly did mean it in Deuteronomy 6:17-18 which says, “You shall diligently keep the commandments of the Lord your God, His testimonies, and His statutes which He has commanded you. And you shall do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord, that it may be well with you …”

I don’t know about you, but whoa … I don’t think I would want to make God that mad. Maybe you don’t believe in Him. Too bad for you. But even if you are an atheist, there are sound BUSINESS reasons not to air such trash. Number one, you’re helping to destroy marriages. Whether they end in divorce or not, they are being totally and permanently destroyed by the actions of such Web sites. Number two, you are responsible for the advertising content aired on one of America’s most trusted and (formally) respected news organizations – and in America, despite our unfortunate silence, Christians are still the moral majority and we do notice when you air outrageously immoral things like that. It affects our opinion of your organization as a whole, and our opinions about the trustworthiness of the data presented on your shows. If you have so little moral fiber that you’d take a dime from a company like Ashley Madison, and if you can sleep at night after having aired something like that knowing that there are innocent spouses and children whose lives will be forever changed because you validated the idea of infidelity by providing access to a portal to meet willing partners and conceal their deeds, well, then there may be other indiscretions you are hiding. Perhaps your news is not as believable as I once thought it to be – and I was a journalist for nearly 20 years.

I am sure you have found a way to justify what you are doing. Sure, you can say that people who want to have an affair are going to do it anyway. Well, let’s look at Ashely Madison’s own data from their FAQ. According to their own Web site, 8.5 men and only 1.5 women sign up for their service. So that tells me men are scouring the Internet looking for stuff like this and women are not. Women are having affairs, but it seems more plausible that they are having affairs with people they know and perhaps even fall for accidentally. No excuse, but let’s not make it seem right! The site goes on to say that of the people that purchase “credits” to contact potential sex partners, the ratio is more like 1 to 1. So that tells me that the men are playing around on the Internet and checking out sites like this but unsure if they want to do it or not. The women that sign up for sites like this mean business and intend to cheat. By airing this on CNN, you are validating the fence-post people’s thoughts and helping to turn them into actions. You are making the idea of cheating seem acceptable to society and you are lending credibility to these despicable sites by lending your once good name to them. You know, I’m sure, that Ashley Madison touts its service by saying “as seen on CNN’s Larry King Live show,” right? Every time this airs, you lose a bit of what made CNN what it is today. The tough, we-mean-business reporting, the trusted news source … now, you’re so desperate for cash that you’ve sold the soul of your business if not of your own person.

Keep airing this trash. When you find your top reporters and show hosts seeking employment on other stations, when you find your once loyal, highly Christian-based viewing audience changing the channel, you’ll know I was right. It is my sincere hope that you will apologize for having aired this and remove it from your commercial lineup. Anything short of that and I think you simply miss the boat with Christians as a whole.

I hope you made a LOT of money on that ad. According to a recent survey by The Pew Forum, more than 78 percent of adults in the United States would call themselves Christians. That is a lot of viewership to anger over one really big mistake.

Proud to stand up for Christ,
A VERY concerned viewer in SC

ed,vancouver canada   February 21st, 2009 11:38 pm ET

If the government managed the country properly,people would not have to donate to so called "non profit" charities.
Medical traetment is a right ,not a luxury.
A foundation that grosses 10 million a year and pays the ones that run it 9 million guessed it,non profit.
The people donating money to these charities are enabling the government to spend in the wrong places.

ed,vancouver canada   February 21st, 2009 11:43 pm ET

I agree with doctor kellogg.The sexual desire of men creates all evil and obstacles.
The pursuit of power,money,fame is all to get better sex.
Without that handicap, madison would be out of business.
85% of the clients are men.90% are probably politicians.

ed,vancouver canada   February 21st, 2009 11:46 pm ET

Hah thats funny.After this i went to the eluding jobs blog and guess who is on it?the former CEO of kelloggs cereal.
I should be a fortune teller

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