February 4, 2009

Dowd: Well, that was fast...Obama comes back to Earth

Posted: 07:57 AM ET

by NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd

On 9/11, President Bush learned of disaster while reading “The Pet Goat” to grade-school kids. On Tuesday, President Obama escaped from disaster by reading “The Moon Over Star” to grade-school kids.

“We were just tired of being in the White House,” the two-week-old president, with Michelle at his side, explained to students at a public charter school near the White House.

Even as he told the children his favorite superheroes were Batman and Spider-Man, his own dream of being the superhero who swoops in to swiftly save America was going SPLAT!

It just ain’t that easy.

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Debbie   February 4th, 2009 10:21 am ET

The President has so much riding on his shoulders and he is trying to do something about all this mess he has taken upon his Presidency. I'm glad he was able to escape politics for even a moment. I'm sure it helped the President and First Lady to sit down with real children instead of those acting like ones in Congress.

Patricia Lite Hickman   February 4th, 2009 10:39 am ET

I agree with Debbie! What we need is to go forward without hurtful and doubting posts. I thought both the President and First Lady did very well in communicating with the children. They will remember meeting them for the rest of their lives.

Delphine   February 4th, 2009 11:01 am ET

He's only human after all, and he serves presidency with grace.People should give him credits for what he does, instead of beïng so negative. It takes a real pro to admit his mistakes so kudo's to the Obama's.

Terry   February 4th, 2009 12:37 pm ET

President Obama needs to slow down and think like a taxpayer...we all do. This Pelosi Pork Job a bust. Everyone just needs to chill and take their time with does not need to be ready next Friday. The sky is not falling....that won't work anymore.

Dominik Strobel   February 4th, 2009 1:04 pm ET

I don't think Obama has overexposed himself. It's just that we're not used to a president anymore who managed to stay visible for two weeks straight without leaving on vacation.

rob fr0m nc   February 4th, 2009 3:47 pm ET

they are a great couple..& VP Biden is always w/President..Cheney would HIDE..from Bush ...& C Rice didn't do much..except enjoy her suite @ Camp David w/agrand piano !..Rove..go to hell..excuse me Larry,,he is the devil but only God ,,,,we'll keep quiet...the same w/Cheney..go go go...

msm22   February 4th, 2009 4:07 pm ET

welcome to the big leagues Mr. President, never could understand why anyone in their right mind would even want the job....

John Hanley   February 4th, 2009 7:15 pm ET

I don't think President Obama ever left the Earth. He never promised things would be easy or quick. He only promosed to hold out his hand to those in the opposition who are willing to work with him. I don't know whose idea is the better but am willing to patiently watch the President work out his solutions. I do think that the news media in general is much too eager to get started in criticizing and trying to get in their precious "we got the story first" baloney. Stop splitting hairs and going negative just to get a step up on your competition.

Connie Rodriguez   February 4th, 2009 9:34 pm ET

President Obama campaigned on being inclusive and using the best minds to solve a problem. Why then has he not had a meeting with economists and others such as Warren Buffett and Donald Trump to put together a stimulus package that is representative of all our problems. We are seeing the same old double standard from this administration, i.e. the tax problems of his Treasury Secretary, Tom Daschle, and the czar. Theirs are honest mistakes per President Obama but Joe or Sue Public is penalized beyond belief and all kinds of actions are taken against them if they don't pay their taxes. His campaign promise to us regarding lobbyists didn't hold up with his signing wairvers to get them appointed. Remember it is the same poliiticans in Washington that got us into this mess so we should believe they can get us out of this mess. Ms. Pelosi is useless and has been ever since she has been appointed. I expected better from her. President Obama is selling the future generations so maybe he should take a little more time and bring in the best minds to be a part of this solution.

GREGORY PATTERSON   February 4th, 2009 9:35 pm ET

they want to try every thing but giving each person over 25, and that ,
have a bank account and that make less then $250,000 they should give each person $40,000 dollars let,s face the people have payed into social security it,s no going to be there when i get 68

Judith   February 4th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

Our hats off to President Obama and First Lady Michelle going out to the school and talk to the children.He was his soft thinkable self and one could see that she's great with kids.

It also showed the American people they aren't as stuffy as ex President Bush and Laura.I'm sure they will continue.This was a break for him to clear his mind from the mess that Bush and Cheney left him.

I also agree with Debbie about them sitting down with Real kids instead of ones in the GOP that are adults acting like kids.The GOP acting like they are looking out for the American people I would like to find out since when?The GOP went along with Bush/Cheney most of the time just like the Lie of the War of Iraq.Cheney was a CEO for Halliburton before he became VP

David Ebanks > Cayman Islands   February 4th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

Above, John Hanley said; "I do think that the news media in general is much too eager to get started in criticizing and trying to get in their precious “we got the story first” baloney. Stop splitting hairs and going negative just to get a step up on your competition." I totally agree.

Watching from outside the 'Ball Park', I reasonably think that there are more eyes on this President than any other President & for more than one reason. 1 – Being held to the genuine promises he has made (effectively to the world). 2 – Having, likely more critical issues to deal with than any other President previous. 3 – Being of African/bi-racial ethnicity. With what seems to be an increasing flurry of criticism and cynicism particularly from the media, may I suggest to all news media to try to refrain from using and stimulating cynicism in due course with 'Keeping Them Honest' or other. This is nothing less than 'chipping away' at the morale and attitude of the President and those responsible & wanting to bring about "Change".

To President Obama: With all due respect, I ask on behalf of the world – Be careful in your decisions and actions, the world loves you, believes in you phenominally and is counting on you immensely.

My Kindest Regards.

julie   February 5th, 2009 12:13 am ET

I think it is very inappropriate for some of your guests to refer to our President as "Obama." He is the President of the United States of America and he deserves respect. He should be referred to as President Obama.

TSlater-Illinois   February 5th, 2009 1:26 am ET

This commentary by Mureen Dowd is repaulsive on so many issues. First and Foremost. The proper address is President Obama. Addressing him as Mister is unpatrotic and suggest that he does not deserve the respect that OUR Commander and Chief deserves.

Ms. Dowd seems to be just another bitter Repub who has been fortunate enough to get a pen and some press. Unfortunately her school of thought seems to have a dull ring of Palin-ism (Not worth the vote or worthy of turning the page)

jim sigmon   February 5th, 2009 4:31 am ET

We won't go SPLATT, if Mr.Obama will listen take a minute to give me 5 minutes thanks jim sigmon in Concord, nc

Linda   February 5th, 2009 9:42 am ET

We are Europeans and we envy the US for having a president like Barack Obama. He is the "most on earth President" you ever had. We in Europe give him a lot of credit. He and his wife are not playing President and First Lady. For us she is The First Lady of the world and he may be called The President of the World. They have charisma because they are what they say. They will not change because of their title. They are authentic. Be grateful ! Americans are again welcome and liked in the world. That's all because of President Obama and his wife. Give him time. Criticism is cheap. It's mostly the reaction of those who do little in society.

This reaction comes from people who are very American minded.

Terry   February 5th, 2009 2:27 pm ET

We better think like taxpayers.....the President needs to remember he is this country's President .....this attitude of Pelosi "we won" ....she's the Speaker of the House of the USA.

This is a pile of pork, earmarks, campaign it what you want....but this is not a job stimulus. I wish someone would verify....this thing better not apply to Illegal Aliens.....American Citizens and Legal Immigrants only.... E-Verify better be used to verify this.

I voted no to the last pork package and since I have read this pile of pork and I vote no.

The sky is not falling and the after the down sizing of the companies is over with at the end of Feb...then let's see...what March looks like. Dang just slow down .....doesn't have to be done by next Friday.
I am getting real irritated with this Fear Factor Tactic.

As a taxpayer ...this isn't passing the smell test.

sailormansea   February 5th, 2009 3:07 pm ET

I had a feeling that this was going to happen when I didn't notice an "S" on his shirt, nor a trace of his crimson cape. All these problems that we have now in this country have been building up for decades now. There are no superheroes to save us, in fact we are the ones that have to literally save ourselves. Like a sinking ship in a deep frigid ocean we must look to ourselves for survival. Do we waste time pointing fingers at each other at this stage? President Obama is just a man, though a smart born leader of men and you can tell that right away when he speaks. He commands respect in the very way he acts. Will he make mistakes? Of course. Will he succeed in restoring our countrys good stature diplomatically and financially? I don't know if he will or not. I can tell you what I do know though. If we don't quit this senseless childlike behavior and get behind him with one idea as one team then it will be game over for us. Don't worry about how we got into this mess, lets get a game plan together and get out of it.

Eric   February 5th, 2009 5:07 pm ET

What is Obama doing for the manufacturing workers that are losing there jobs in record numbers? Nothing!!!!

catherine kendrick   February 5th, 2009 9:34 pm ET

Like Limbaugh, The Republican Senate is unnecessary protoplasm and just like Limbaugh hopes President Obama fails America hopes someone sells Limbaugh that fatal dose of crack cocaine.

The Republicans need to wake up and smell the coffee the American public is not interested in this Race Game the Republicans are playing the electing of Steele as Head of Republican Natl Commitee that is a joke don't you see we see right through that.

John McCain needs to step up to the plate and let it go he lost the election we did not want him. Lindsey Graham needs to have a seat because the more people that lose their jobs is the least likely he will be re-elected.

This Republican Senate sat around for eight years and let a White man screw this up and now you have an Intelligent Black Gentleman who has the knowledge to fix it and they want to act Stupid and Childish and Racist to try and make him look bad.

The bottom line is and you can believe this you need to get behind this President and rally with him for the people because we put you where you are and we have no problem taking you out.

Stop the foolishness and pass the stimulus plan immediatedly

Debbie   February 5th, 2009 10:06 pm ET

Finally ,thank you Catherine.I been preaching and sometimes all the feed back is you don't know what your talking about or the one that really makes me sick is you are ignorant to what you say because you believe in the President. If these narrow minded republicans stop being sore losers and unite with the President ,all would be better in Washington and things can start moving so relieve will began.

joanne from vt   February 5th, 2009 11:22 pm ET

isn't Warren Buffet helping Pres Obama ? maybe from behind the curtain he is..let's hope so..maybe Lee Iacocca can help ? D Trump ?..he needs help cooperation support & yes we can send a little love his way & prayers...he's's only been a few short the grace of God, hopefully he'll have the patience, fortitude to get us out of this mess from the past 8 yrs,,,,he did say he may be turning gray in 4 yrs..that's OK it's what's inside that counts..the soul, the spirit, etc...

georgie from rhode island   February 5th, 2009 11:26 pm ET

Larry..we knew Gore & Kerry would have better than GWBush...but the American people spoke..Kerry did not have the best campaign mgr/Mary Jane ? /....with all his $$ he did not choose the best..Gore had Donna Brazile..she was fine..but Obama had 2 brilliant men the 2 Davids /Plouffe & Axelrod/ from Chicago !!!! whoppee ...they were fantastic..McCain had R Davis...not very good...he was sullen & negative & nasty..etc...

Anthony Roeback   February 5th, 2009 11:53 pm ET

The Republicans seem to think that it is better to give Americans a hand out (tax cuts) as a means to stimulate the economy. This is short term plan that leads to no benefit. Americans want jobs, not a hand out. If you give money to job less people, they will hold on to that money for bills and basic needs. This will not support the retailers that are suffering due to a lack of confidence. It is like that old saying, if you give a man food today, he will need it again tomorrow, if you give him a means to grow his own food, he will be self sufficient from that moment onward. Americans are not beggars and pan handlers. We need our government to assist in generating jobs so that we can EARN our money. Tell those Republicans that insist on making pan handlers out of us to think higher of the American resolve. We are better than they think we are!! Support the stimulus package!!!

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