January 29, 2009

Limbaugh: Cut taxes AND spend more!

Posted: 09:14 AM ET


By Rush Limbaugh

There's a serious debate in this country as to how best to end the recession. The average recession will last five to 11 months; the average recovery will last six years. Recessions will end on their own if they're left alone. What can make the recession worse is the wrong kind of government intervention.

I believe the wrong kind is precisely what President Barack Obama has proposed. I don't believe his is a "stimulus plan" at all - I don't think it stimulates anything but the Democratic Party. This "porkulus" bill is designed to repair the Democratic Party's power losses from the 1990s forward, and to cement the party's majority power for decades.

Keynesian economists believe government spending on "shovel-ready" infrastructure projects - schools, roads, bridges - is the best way to stimulate our staggering economy. Supply-side economists make an equally persuasive case that tax cuts are the surest and quickest way to create permanent jobs and cause an economy to rebound. That happened under JFK, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. We know that when tax rates are cut in a recession, it brings an economy back.

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Terry   January 29th, 2009 10:09 am ET

"Porkulus Bill"......I love it ....I call it the 640 pages of "Pelosi and Reid Pay for Play Stimulus Bill. " Your description is much better.

1) 10,000 schools..No ... Furnish the names of these much to each..what do they want to pay projectors? BULL! Pay for play for favored neighborhoods….and teachers union….you can’t cover all the schools in this country.
2) SCHIP/Medicaid…..increasing to family of 4 making $130,000…Medicaid raised to $120,000…illegal aliens covered....should be for low income children….this is not a stimulus for the economy….needs to be handled by itself.
3) Neighborhood Stabilization/Revitalization….pay for play for ACORN…who wrote that in…no economic stimulus there…just favored politicking and can’t cover all neighborhoods?
4) The for play ….Bull….nothing for the Arts.
5) Washington Mall....redecorating & grass.. please...that’s a different request form…that's Bull. (scrapped)
6) Contraceptives./ for play for ideology ….to reduce pregnancy…not a government problem. (scrapped)
7) Bailing out the states...they should be balancing every year...poor management. They are paying for services for illegal aliens and previously high gasoline prices…..and now it becomes all the taxpayers problem. California is the number one example. Never a grant….only loans….you make them pay it back and require and make it law they become balanced…set regulations…..not free money…the good states are being punished for their fiscal responsibilities.
8) Pell grants...Bull. That won't stimulate crap this year ...another pay for play to college students and a campaign slogan in 4yrs.
9) Head start...Bull... campaign slogan in 4 yrs... won't stimulate crap right now.
10) Day Care for Military….not an economic stimulus….we do need it….but not under this.
11) Bike Trails….hello
12) Off Road Trails….hello
13) Hollywood…pay for play
14) Dept of Ag building…388 million of pork last year
15) Global Warming Research
16) Tax Rebates to those who don’t pay taxes?
17) profit in 40 years
18) TV coupons… conversion….ludicrous
19) STD’S
20) Carbon Capture Conversion
21) Polishing a monument
22) Federal Buildings

Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 10:11 am ET

Greetings Rush you ... NEO CON POOP, SPEND MORE WE CAN'T. WE'RE BROKE ! @#$&#$@ ! CUT MY TAXS< I HAVE NO INCOME TOO TAX ! HOW ABOUT RAISING TAXS OF THOSE THAT VOTED YES TO ALL OF BUSHS BS, and creating jobs in infastructure, ya know making water safe that comes out of faucets, WHY DO TAX PAYERS HAVE TO PAY FOR POWER LINES BEING FIXED, oh I get it power companies abused the money from our utility bills, more neo con bs legalized stealing.
Money to bail out Insurance companies, tell'em to call me on that, I'll put them on hold till they hang up, Tell insurance companies to file for bail out money in triplicate, in six weeks I'll mail back their forms saying there incomplete, If insurance want to they can file their bail out claims from New Orleans, Let'em scream till help arrives.

Linda Rudzinskas   January 29th, 2009 10:13 am ET

I think Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than a fat blow hard who as a prescription addictive man to be able to have a radio show is beyond me. Oh, yeah that's right, he's cured..! Why is he allowed to spew such evil crap but someone like Imus was kicked off his radio show??? This is what I want to know? I think I know why he is still allowed to have a radio show...he has fat blow hard Republicans like him monetarily supporting him and listening to his rhetoric!

Joe Monroe   January 29th, 2009 10:28 am ET

Rush, Rush, Rush: I would have sworn that's what your beloved and recently departed president had been doing, for years – spend like a drunken sailor on payday, then cut taxes dramatically. How's that been working out? No, not for you and your rich friends – I mean for the country.

Ganeshan   January 29th, 2009 10:39 am ET

In third world countries, it is said thta politicians buy vote spending the money they received in their previous posts. Here the politicians (now in democratic party) first get the votes promising them that they will be paid later and after getting elected they use tax payer's money to fulfill the promise. This appointment of those who have violated ethics and those who were responsible for the corruption (like Treasury secretary and official from Goldman Sachs) clearly show that the country will not get any stimilus by these bailouts.
Sad state of affairs in a party boasting of ethics ,traansparencey and public service, Campbell is right in her news item. Simply blaming Bush for everything despite the fact that atleast the country was kept safe is really sad.

Julie   January 29th, 2009 10:41 am ET

'Rushs hate inciting popularity has come to an end, finally! The same with Fox, this crisis is too serious to just sit back and hope it will work itself out.
G.W.'s tax cuts ended a recession? What?!? It was a band aid, and the whole stinking administration knew that and they were just keeping their fingers crossed that the fall out wouldn't come until they were out and they could convince the stupid Rush listeners that it is the new administrations fault.
Tax cuts and "more business in government" doesn't work! Hello, look around folks. We need drastic change, the people realized that in November and spoke, run with it dems'! Republicans that voted against it did so only because their constituents are ignorant, backwards, Rush listening idiots and those politicians are still practicing politics and trying to ensure their seats in four years.
The power holders (oil companies, pharms and private defense firms)are just trying to hold on to the large pie they aquired over the last eight years. They this bill is going to redistribute to the people. Yeah!!!

Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 10:46 am ET

All Rush Limpbaugh needs is a 500 watt AM directional station in Crawford Texas so bush and his buddy Karl Rove the souhern carrot plantation farmer can have something to approve of in denial.
Maybe Gonzo can show up and give a opinion on that, If he has a legal mind too.

Why wasn't the Dixie Chicks a country rock band a hit in good ol' Crawford Texas. Guess they was to busy leaving the grieving mother of fallen American hero of Iraq, in a ditch on a hot summer day to do anything presidental again, how neo con of them.

RJ Washington   January 29th, 2009 11:00 am ET

Rush, We want to believe!

We want to believe that under the Bushes we had economic growth, but now we know it was all smoking mirrors and a house of cards supported by a false housing boom. Reckless lending and bloted values.

We want to believe that less government is better, but recent history has proven otherwise. One only has to look at the woos of the stock market and the banks to see this.

What we need is more efficiency and accountability from government.

Why and how did Madoff operate for so long?
Why is not an admited felon, by his own admission, who fleeced investors of 50+ BILLIONS, still living in a 7 million dollar manson?

What we need is more efficiency and accountability from big business.

Under what moral norm would it be acceptible for the CEO of a major business on the verge of bankruptcy to spend 1 million dollars remolding his office and then paying out bonuses to high level managers in the billions?

Please explain to me that mind set!
How can someone so stupid rise to such a level in business?
Is this what the teach in those expensive ivory league colleges?

What we need is more efficiency and accountability from the media.

Our modern times have provided us with many new mediums by which individuals can make thier voice heard and promote themselves and thier ideas.

In a country that is so bold and brave as to allow all to have thier voice heard this has given the extremist a viable platform by which to promote thier ideals and dogma.

From the radical Islamist, to the dogmatic Conservative, and the pinkest Liberals all have their voice and thier icons.

All of these extremist in the last few years have had thier moments in the sun.

Fortunately the majority of the world’s population held fast to moderate and moral standards that have withstood the test of time.

The President campaigned and was elected on a platform of Change and change is what we shall have.

Therefore Rush your 20 minutes in the sun is up!

Although we know you will not go away quitely, we do know you will go away.

Rose   January 29th, 2009 11:03 am ET

Why is Rush Limbaugh given the time of day on CNN? He is an extremist who violates the meaning of "journalism". Why does CNN feel intent on giving him a voice? He has his own distorted and offensive radio show with an uneducated audience to listen to his demogoguery. He has made a career out of appealing to people's fears and ignorance about issues – hence his great appeal to the far right.

Limbaugh said previously that he hopes President Obama "fails". What kind of an anti-American wish is that for our country – especially in light of all the problems that need to be fixed?

G   January 29th, 2009 11:08 am ET

Hey folks listen up and listen good. What you think you are gaining from this stimulus package is a far cry from what you are going to be paying. This stimulus is nothing more than a guarantee to raise taxes and the package will do little to nothing the help the economy. If taxes are raised even if you think your not effected guess what you are effected but indirectly. Raising taxes will raise the price of goods and services and will result in lower wages – there is your indirect effect. If you already are out of a job or can only manage to work for a low wage, your hard earned dollars will get you less. Lowering taxes keeps the price of things you need in your daily life lower not higher. This stimulus plan and the inevitable tax hikes from the stimulus plan will cause your grocery bill to be higher, clothing, gas, utilities, etc, etc... can you afford that? I certainly can't....




Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 11:23 am ET

Rush Limpbaugh is nothing more than Pro Neo Con shock jock of right wing propaganda. He thinks his BOLD idiot ideas are patriotisuim, when all they've done in reality is prove what true Patriot of America shouldn't do, His BOLD editorials nothing more than red herings trying to promote a past Presidency of George Walker Bush that was filled with, lies, sloth, deciet and gluttony.
Now as the neo cons call that claim radicle, history is proving it as the BOLD TRUTH.

If President Bush had of been IMPEACHED in past cleared some of these matters up earlier in his violations of oath to office, Maybe his legacy could have been different, the number of violations and ilegal behaviors is mind boggleing to say the least, Fired attorney's cause they wasn't republican enough, Abuse of powers by Monica Goodling, FISA and FEMA violations, Lies in deciet to promate a War, 27 violations of US Constitution with signing statements the re-write of Geneva Convention articles with out the approval of United Nations or International courts, this list is only a few of violations, theres lack of oversight in spending by USFDA etc etc etc, they wonder why so many protest in frustration aqt our lqack of Government, yes JOHN BOEHNER been way to MUCH ENEPT GOVERNMENT by past leadership of BUSH GOP.

G   January 29th, 2009 11:24 am ET

Limbaugh said he hopes Obama's liberal and socialistic policies fail. Read a history book would you, SOCIALISM DOESN'T WORK! Allowing the Government to destroy capitalism and control the private sector means they control you! When that happens and it will if you allow it you will regret it. Ask the folks in England that just had the largest peaceful protest because they were lied to by their Government regarding fox hunting. What they didn't see was the hidden legislation that eliminates gun ownership. If a Government can take your liberties away they won't hesitate too.

Here is a quote from Abraham Lincoln:
" A Government big enough to give, is a Government big enough to take it away."

Remember that when you’re regretting your decision to support Obama and Socialism...


Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 11:53 am ET

It's not a matter of size of Governmet, but that the Government , Governs equally in fairness with equality, to ALL WE THE PEOPLE, with rightousness. With regaurds and respect to the Law, of we are all created equal. As Nixon said, It wasn't ilegal I was President, The President is capable of violating the law, President Bush, proved that.

As some parties in government file claims agaisnt Unions both Democrat and Republican parties are nothing more than that Unions, they abuse their powers, for Union of power was created in election strength the abuse is now that they use it to pass enept legislation to support there selfish ideas, and shove forth legislation brought forth by bribes, kick backs and etc, by lobbyists and corporations, when they should have debateing the Welfare of WE THE PEOPLE, It is mans selfishness, gluttoness behaviors for wealth of power that corrupts, not the Ideas brought forth by Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, by our fore fathers.

Terry   January 29th, 2009 12:11 pm ET

We are talking about the Porkulus Bill....I love that name..

Let's stay on message ....deranged faux Sarah Palin attacks for anyone who has a different opinion or idea is getting old and weary.
Let's talk like least the 60% of us who pay income taxes.

The election is over...let's discuss how our tax money is being spent to stimulate jobs....that's the topic here. Pork is pork no matter who won the election. I didn't approve of the first 350 billion that was spent.....President Obama got the 2nd 350 billion....enough with this next trillion... I don't want it h...however if this is going thru I want the pork and pay for play portions out of the bill removed.. all bills not just this one. Come up with ideas to improve it and critique it....because nothing in this world is perfect.

Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 12:14 pm ET

You G- can remember that as you remember the ilegal dictatorship brought forth by Bush's republican GOP,

Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 12:23 pm ET

Pork , replacing funds to medicare is PORK, What Neo con you believeing. About time the needy received condoms or are the neo cons in support of more homeless babies...

Neo cons are agaisnt the needy recieveing education in human functions, while from what I've seen most them neo cons need education in human functions... the big porkers they was between 2000- 2006,

Thou, they fill they get education needs met by Rush Limpbaugh, well thats understandable, return to topic of IDIOCY by Rush limpbaugh, I Dare you, to find that a inteligent thot.

G   January 29th, 2009 12:35 pm ET

Your brilliant! Dictatorship... Since when is a Democratic election voted for by the public referred to as a dictatorship? Good lord I hope you didn't vote in this past election, you obviously don't have enough common sense or know enough to be allowed to vote.

Taxes should be lowered, even at the lowest federal income tax brackets. This would be effective and immediate. If we have learned anything in this country we have learned it through history. FDR couldn't spend his way out of a recession WWII got the country out of that. Now I am not suggesting a war by no means but excessive spending is not the answer. Lets look at Reagan, he lowered taxes and set the stage for one of the longest spans of prosperity in this country.

The stimulus bill is what it is, we can't stop it now nor can we critique it were stuck with it now.

History tells us what to do if we had a Government smart enough to realize it.


Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 12:51 pm ET

Dear G-,

well a neo con , I disagree, NEED TO RAISE TAXES on those making over 190,000... if they can find anybody that'll admitt to voteing for W, need to raise his tax's not matter what he or she makes, let'em put his or her cash in his past enept ilegal beliefs...

Needs spend the raised funds in intrastructure,bridges, roads, and bring some of jobs went over seas, with NAFTA CAFTA, be nice to have a CHEVROLET made in American Revolution 100% USA UNION MADE PARTS, If I need a foriegn made car plenty of brands to pick from, or how how about a HEMI CVhrysler product with 100% USA Union made parts, or a FORD, was Henry Ford wasn't it, if by chance the BIG payed fair wage with fair proffit shareing would there be a need for Unions, dare I say forget the past of Corporate sweat shops by dictators, You create a need for fairness, if it needs to grow to uncivil sober choices, Which dictators fault was that, the only insainity, is War itself for without diplomacy and fairnes to all thats what you'll surge, Uncivil, with no sobriety no fair treatment, for all concerned, thou bribe a neo con and he'll do whatever profitts the elete 5% of this country.

Terry   January 29th, 2009 12:56 pm ET

Mr. Owens......I have no problem with Medicare, Education...etc...but those are other bills at another about next month...they should not be slipped in to a 640 page stimulus package that has been hailed to stimulate jobs.
No sir...that is just pork...

Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 1:03 pm ET

Dear Terry,

Pork, naah, Not Pork, No fat for the elete, thats why all neo con propaganda, the reults of this bill is aimed at WE THE PEOPLE,
Be with oversight of spending thats why NEO CONS are agaisnt it,

Theres way to much visiblity on this bill, for the thieves to like it.

Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 1:18 pm ET

You got to know when to hold'em, know. when tob walk away, know when to run, They'll be time enough for counting when dealings done, now, who voted agaisnt the bill,

President Obama, As some of you wonder why, Millions showed up at inauguration,

PS Bush couldn't bluff, he had no poker face, way to many tells.

Terry   January 29th, 2009 1:21 pm ET

Mr. Owens.....I'm having trouble reading and understanding your blog....Is English your first language....I am not trying to be disrespectful....I speak two languages and I am conversational in a third.

The reason I ask...I don't understand your term "neo con" is a quote for wiki of what it actually means " The term neoconservative was originally used as a criticism against liberals who had "moved to the right"."

Is that what you meant...because if it is now I'm confused. You may want to explain. Thanks.

G   January 29th, 2009 1:32 pm ET

Well Mr. Owens we agree on something, sure bridges and infrastructure are a positive in this bill, but again will do little to help the economy and the jobs it creates are temporary. The tax cuts are positive also, although the tax cuts could be greater if we could pass some of the unnecessary spending into other bills over longer periods of time. Here is one little fact, a 400 billion dollar tax cut in a 14trillion dollar economy is less than 1 percent of the overall economy. At this small of a scale the tax cuts will make very little difference. Extending tax cuts to small businesses and lowering the federal income tax brackets would for sure have a bigger impact in stimulating the economy than a bunch of excessive spending on primarily liberal democrat pet projects. This will also help to refrain from increasing the national debt.

Sadly we exist in a greed filled nation where ignorance is bliss. It is time that the American people to get informed and stand up for ourselves by reject the big Government and big Government spending. Here in the real world as you may know private sector jobs had to become more efficient, meaning we do more for less, but we have jobs. Maybe it is that mentality We The People need to dictate to the Government, don't forget they work for us, the taxpayers.


Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 1:44 pm ET

Terry Ok,
Heated debate too civil undestanding is what leads us, to greatness... Yes, I use lot slang and verbage in my frustration, and broad widths of thought to provoke,

A Neo Con is supposed to be short for neo conservative,.,, a old campaign was run on conservative beliefs then Republicans spun it up with neo, meaning New Comservatives, just MADMAN HYPE basically, advertiseing gimmick, So now we're shoving it back down there throats, Neo still means new, but con as in lieing thieves they are. Now there are those in both parties, guilty of this, but the greatest of which was in Bush Republican GOP between 2000-2006.

Viewers of wiki are allowed to edit that, So be carefull where you research at,
Neo Conservatives was originally meaning the new views of Republican party as before that in elections before the Democrats ran as conservatives. Hope this helps...

I myself a Independent looking for American Government that actually Governs honestly with overall view of the best for, We The People.

The government so out of whack, many neo cons slandered those with honest questions and wanting answers to all that has been donem they're favorite tactic is to start name calling in a vage sense.
and denying to answer. Aka Bush and Cheney the subpeona's they recieved from senate and congressn they didn't answer. Many persons laypersons asking questions to neo cons been slandered in blogs all over the web.

Terry   January 29th, 2009 2:01 pm ET

Mr. Owen,

Yes...that helped...I don't agree with your definition's just a little over the top and it really doesn't apply to a job stimulus package forum ...but if that's what you think. Thanks for your interpretation.
Have a good to go.

Mathew Owens   January 29th, 2009 2:10 pm ET

Well Terry thats ok, been in this fight awhile, I don't see it ending soon... The IDIOCY of Rush Linmbaugh the great dictator the enept leader of neo cons via radio transmission is the debate to me.

Rush Linpbaugh keep it up, you'll get that promotion to a, 500 watt directional station in Crawford Texas yet, you are so deserveing after all.

Sharon Becker   January 29th, 2009 2:31 pm ET

Ever been to a family reunion when you were a kid? And there
were cousins you really, really, liked while there were cousins
you just stared at, mouth agape, while thinking, "Are they
related to me?"

I'm that kid.

Barrack Obama is related to my family (and Harry S. Truman)
through the Goodnight sisters. One sister married my ancestor who
happened to be Harry S.'s gr-grandpa, too. Another sister became
Barack's ancestor. Those of us who work on the family history &
genealogy are very proud of Barrack & Harry S.

Then, one the other side of my maternal family tree is Rush. When
I discovered that I stared at the evidence before me, wondering how
to undo the relationship. I couldn't.

So I have resolved myself into becoming that little kid at the
family reunion. Stand back and stare with mouth agape at
"Cuz" Rush while wondering WHY HE, of all people, is
related to me. I'll also thank God that there is only ONE
Rush hanging in the family tree. Sooner or later the
family reunion will be over and he'll go home, never
to be seen or heard of until next summer at the
annual family reunion.

Terry   January 29th, 2009 2:34 pm ET

Mr. Owens ....I was leaving to go to work....and had to look one more time. Why do think this is a's a discussion...I've enjoyed bantering back and forth...but I am not battling you...just talk.

Just to lighten the subject....there is nothing wrong with Crawford Texas ...I don't live there but I have relatives in a neighboring's pretty country.

Really now I've got to's been fun...سلام

Rose   January 29th, 2009 3:13 pm ET

To anyone who criticizes Obama's so-called 'liberal and socialist' policies prematurely, just re-think how well capitialism has worked (or rather not worked) under GW Bush. All the financial pillaging and raping of our systems in the name of free enterprise, has destroyed the nation.

Just look at Canada (a strong democracy) with it's universal health care for all – I don't see Canada falling apart, with socialists running wild up there. From basic doctor's visits to open heart surgery. . .all paid by the government. Unlike Americans, Canadians are not forced to mortgage their houses to pay for medical bills. What's wrong with that? Many Americans can only hope for such a benefit.

G   January 29th, 2009 4:03 pm ET

Allow me to clarify things for you, the Government and greed destroyed capitalism in this country not George W Bush. Remember it was the Clinton administration in 1999 that approve de-regulation that later caused the foreclosure crisis. It is the liberal Democrats that continue to force the auto industry into unachievable emission regulations in the name of this farce called Global Warming, which is really Climate Change, something the planet has been doing for the last 65 million years. Our Government has caused all of these problems and you want to trust them with Health Care. There bankrupting Medicare and Social Security as we speak.

In regards to Socialized Health Care in Canada how many weeks will you have to wait to have a broken arm set? Do you really think urgent care is achievable when having to wait in line behind 40 million people that currently do not have health care? Let me ask you this, why do you think the 40 million don't have health care? The majority doesn’t because they know they will not be refused treatment. Next question who pays for the health care? Health care in America cost so much now because people do not take care of their health, people live longer, and the insured have to pay for the uninsured.
Now think of this, if we have socialized health care how long will it be before our greedy, corrupt government screws that up like they have everything else.

Listen folks the Government is not the solution, they are the cause to all of our problems. Lets not give them anymore control over our lives.


pat griffin   January 29th, 2009 5:03 pm ET

Why haven't we heard any money in this stimulus package for new jobs for additional federal bank regulators and federal GAO auditors? The excuse given in Congress why these bank failures and investement frauds was due to a lack of government oversight. So to prevent another major investment firm fraud of bad banking practices these are the type of new jobs that should be created. All we are hearing about now is throwing money at educating people why not to smoke ! Wake up Congress ! This isn't a rocket science idea !!!!!

Pat Griffin,

Rose   January 29th, 2009 5:14 pm ET

G: I lived in Canada for many years. Any emergency visit is treated immediately. NO ONE waits weeks to have a broken arm set – ever! It's taken care of the same day. Doctor's appointments can be made quickly. Canada's population is about 30 million – their health care is paid for. During a medical emergency they just call 911, ambulance arrives in minutes, taken to hospital, x-rays taken, physicians attend to patient, surgery etc, hospital stay is arranged – all free. Urgent care is most definitely available without waiting.

Rose   January 29th, 2009 5:28 pm ET

Further G: It's strange how Canada is able to pay for the health care of 30 million people, a large portion who are immigrants and new comers to the country. Toronto boasts one of the best children's hospitals in the world and 2 top teaching hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment. Canada also manages to subsidize post-secondary education tuition fee for college and university students so a $20,000 annual fee costs the student about $6,000 instead. This includes top learning institutions such as the University of Toronto (aka Harvard of the North). There are child care subsidises as well for those who qualify. For years, the United Nations voted Canada as the best country in the world. Everyone is accommodated without cries of socialism.

LB Colorado   January 29th, 2009 6:21 pm ET

Why would you want the president to fail – do you want another 4 years of what we are trying to get away from. Personally, I think they are all a bunch of crooks – you included, get over yourself and send better vibes than the axes of evil as to which you portray.

andrea   January 29th, 2009 7:29 pm ET

he needs to remember what he said about health care so he should not use medicare or medicaid because he does not believe in government health care practice what you preach old man

cllllllll   January 29th, 2009 8:35 pm ET

I think its time for you to sit down and learn something from whats going on in this country, it humans like you that want to create a stirr all the time let someonelse be the big dog. You have made mistakes and others have to also, Bush sure did a great job and I did see are hear you stand up and say and word .

Cassandra   January 29th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Can anybody tell me how this package is helping homeowners? Didn't this whole stimulus originate to help homeowners? Hey!!! where's the homeowners helP?

andrea   January 29th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

yeah bush did a wonderful job saying we are going to war for weapons of mass destruction when there was no such thing bravo bush bravo

pat p   January 29th, 2009 11:17 pm ET

I don't know how much of a right this man has to an opinion. He has proven again and again to be a hate monger. Negativity is his game. I've rarely heard much good out of him. His comment about our sitting American President the other day was a disgrace. Limbaugh might "hope he fails" but none of the rest of us do. But, without his rant, he wouldn't have a show or his big bucks payday.

Turn off the radio people. Turn it off.

Patricia   January 29th, 2009 11:44 pm ET

I would like that the mother-law- of the presdent. be removed the white house . Why should we pay fo this person to live there?
We can not even pay for ourselves. I find it so unreal that this women lives there and we are paying for her, Tell the first lady to take care of her children like the rest of us mothers.
I went aound my neighbor hood and talked to people and they sad the samehting we should not be paying for her mother to live there.
Go Home and take care of your own stuff Just like we do.

Corine Merritt   January 30th, 2009 12:50 am ET

Anyone who would listen to Rush Limbaugh has ti be as stupid as he. I am sure he is high on drugs each time he is on the air. CNN is providing a deservice to the public with someone like Rush.

hugh ~ california   January 30th, 2009 2:01 am ET

I truly hate Rush Limbaugh, have absolutely no respect for the man and wish he would just disappear forever. The world would be a better place without him. This charlatan doesn't love America, he only loves his own twisted version of what it should be.

Vynn   January 30th, 2009 2:08 am ET

If anyone knows "PORK" it would have to be that porker Rush Limbaugh. Not.

Let's keep in mind that Rush makes a living by lampooning the Left. There's really nothing there to lampoon right now, but Rush still needs to work on his own personal stimulous package, by inventing a target to keep his audience happy and tuned in. Personally, I think he's pork in his communication company's spending.

G   January 30th, 2009 9:23 am ET

That's great about Canada and there Socialized Health Care, if that works for there country and citizens then kudos to them. Sadly I have my doubts it will work here without our Government wanting to control every aspect of our health. My opinion is they will try and control what we eat, what we drive, tell us we can't smoke, etc, etc... They will control whatever it takes to reduce our health risks so they can reap the benefits of squandering the taxpayers tax dollars that go to funding this program.
I think your missing my previous point, our Government is corrupt, they are lying, stealing, squandering thugs that care about themselves first and our country is a distant second and the citizens are an even further third.

I hate to be such a doom and gloom and I apologize but this is our reality, we need to face it and fight it. When we can have a media that excercises non bias and integrity in there rporting and keep our government ethical I will have a renewed faith in the system.


Michael C. McHugh   January 30th, 2009 9:24 am ET

I long ago figured out that the best way to deal with Rush Limbaugh and his type was NOT to listen to them. Just turn the channel to something else, anything else, and don't respond to them. People like Limbaugh are only talking to those who already agree with them. They make a lot of noise, but have a lot less power than they think. It was the same with Joe McCarthy.

G   January 30th, 2009 10:05 am ET

Explain to be something, what is wrong with sending a message of Individual Effort and Self Responsibility? That simply sums up Rush's message. There are people in this world that do deserve the programs in place that are paid for by the American taxpayers that assist people with inabilities and they deserve this. However there are people and you know who you are that do not deserve the assistance from these programs however your willing to take advantage of it anyway and sponge off the taxpayers. The message is simple rely and depend on yourself, don't stand there with your hand out when you do not possess an inability that prevents you from taking care of yourself!

We all have the same opportunities in this country regardless of race and gender. If you choose not to take advantage of these opportunities this is not the fault or the burden of the taxpayers. Instead of running a gravy train manufacturing job dry because it was easy and paid well some should have thought about improving their situation with an education. Apply to career and professional training programs that cross industries and gives an improved chance of staying employed. Most manufacturing jobs provide an education program that will reimburse your education expenses. Not to mention most of these jobs are not demanding on your personal life, which means there is plenty of time to acquire an education.

This is the message I hear from Rush and I tell it sounds pretty good to me.


patp   January 30th, 2009 11:21 am ET

2 things:

Patricia, what the h- are you talking about regarding Mrs. Obama's mother living in the White House? There has probably NEVER been a First Lady who stayed home 24/7 and took care of her children. They don't have that luxury. They are too busy hosting state dinners, meeting with the leaders of other countries with their husbands and promoting causes beneficial to the country. When was the last time you or your neighbors had Vlad Putin over for dinner? Every other First Family used a nanny if there were small children to take care of when the First Lady was busy. Read some history on First Families and you'll see they were paying a nanny. I think it's wonderful that Mrs. Robinson has agreed to put her own life on hold so a stranger won't be taking care of the Obama girls when their mom is busy helping the President. This is a family that obviously puts FAMILY FIRST. Which is admirable not a cause for criticism.

Maybe you have too much time on your hands. Consider signing up for President Obama service program. Keep yourself busy – less time for petty criticism.

Mathew Owens   January 30th, 2009 12:40 pm ET

One last note for Rush from me, Rush as you are head of neo cons, Why don't you NEO CONS ever finish anything, Preesident Obama will surely finish Bush's Presidency, that'll be a Historic fact, as you NEO CONS are for less TAXS, why don't you have the courage AND BOLDNESS to finish that statement, and truely exsplain , taxs for those that got all tax breaks DURING BUSHS GOP ADMIN above 250 k range DICTATORS CONTROL, as those makeing far less sonetimes they recieved less WHEN THEY RECIEVED A RAISE FOR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION because the raise placed them in a higher tax bracket, they was in 15 k – 65 k range, Why don't you ever talk about all crooks was in Bushs Rangers Club. Why didn't you Rush ever talk of 3 founding princeples of FEMA and how BUSH violated those putting a Equesterian in charge of FEMA.
Your NEO CON EDUCATION is truely a miracle in modern times Rush, as all you do is support the lieing slothfull decietfull ways of past Bush NEO CON Admin, as REPUBLICAN Party has truely coined the term Neo Conservatives the party that supports liars, thieves and sloth in politics,

Here I got a re-election slogan for you NEO CONS just post this on your bumpers, WE CAN"t STAND THE TRUTH.

Jaison   January 30th, 2009 1:37 pm ET

Hey Limbaugh !

How about CUT TALK and DO MORE??? it will help all of us.

G   January 30th, 2009 1:46 pm ET

Explain how raising taxes on people making $190,000.00 or more helps, I would love to hear this? Do you realize most of these people are small business owners and investors? Thanks to the expectation of the tax hikes my employer has already compensated by eliminating 401K match, will not reimburse for unused vacation time, and has eliminated raises and bonuses. This will cost me about $8000.00 this year and probably think poor me right well it is a problem. You see, if you had a brain you would realize that even if you raise taxes the loss these people incur from the tax hikes will get passed onto the consumer, always has always will. Again your mentality will reduce wages further and make the cost of goods and services go up. For what? For you to get your entitlement that you didn't earn or deserve. Wake up man we should be making decisions that are for the better good of the entire country not just for your own little personal gain.


Bobbi   January 30th, 2009 2:41 pm ET

I am also disappointed with CNN for giving Rush an additional outlet for his extreme views. I fully understand that the US press in not in the business of silencing unpopular views. I get that, But, why would you give him the opportunity to post this diatribe on your website? Yes, the controversy now surrounding hiim is newsworthy. But don't you think your viewers / readers would have been better served with an unbiased reaction to the controversy, written by one of your own staffers?

I tuned into Rush years ago–when I was too young to know any better. And I still listen to him now and then. But when I tune in it's not for long, because I am predictably offended by his self-righteous attitudes and ugly sentiments.The man's a professional @ss-hole.

Republican law makers need to pull themselves away from Limbaugh's intolerant and divisive freak show. If they continue to adhere to the man's viewpoints, they'll have no chance for re-election, because the majority of this nation's voters will not stand for exclusionary, bigoted, and narrow-minded politics.

To the poster's impolite to refer to the people living in this country illegally as "illegal aliens". They are not from mars. They are your fellow human beings. They inhabit planet earth, just like you. They are called "illegal immigrants". I'm losing hope. Our country has so far to go!

Bobbi   January 30th, 2009 3:08 pm ET


Congratulations! Your boss took away your benefits. You and your co-workers should throw a big party, with your boss as the guest of honor. No perks! Whooooo Hooooo! You can celebrate with Tang and hot dogs.

Now that you have a dead-end job, with little or no chance for advancement, perhaps you'll develop the capacity to empathize with the millions of Americans who've always worked ordinary jobs with no perks. Something tells me you'll squander the opportunity.

Have fun with your job! I'm sure you'll work extra hard, even though you will not be rewarded for your efforts. That's the spirit!

G   January 30th, 2009 3:32 pm ET

Hey Bobbi,
I think you addressed the wrong person, but not surprised considering your third grade mentality of a response.

Let me guess, you have slacked all your life barely getting by and never took advantage of all the opportunities this country holds for each and everyone of us. And because of that your bitter and angry at the people who did not slack and knew well enough to get an education, take the opportunities when they came regardless how menial, put fourth there best effort to achieve and accomplish there goals. So now you support higher taxes because you benefit from it personally.

I have worked the majority of my 17-year career without perks and benefits. I have had a rare opportunity where I have been able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have taken on the responsibilities of 2 additional employees, so I do work harder than most and have the kind of responsibility you obviously will never have. Just to have it all taken away in one fail swoop thanks a guy like Obama and his higher taxes mentality and big government spending, and for what? I suppose you feel entitled too, that your obvious lack of intelligence continues to hold you back and prevents you from achieving any thing better than what you describe as a ordinary job. Because of this I suppose you stand there too with your hand out waiting to squander taxpayers dollars.

Individual-Effort Self-Responsibility!!! Take care of yourself and quit taken advantage of the taxpayers.


Bobbi   January 30th, 2009 6:06 pm ET

G (is that short for God? Cuz you sure act like him),

You' are mistaken, G, if you think my posts demonstrate a lack of intelligence. I'm a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them.

You don't know me yet you have surmised that, because I'm a compassionate human being, I must therefore be a welfare mom looking for a handout. I'm not. I am an enlightened, open-minded individual. I surround myself with all kinds of people from all walks of life. My life is enriched because of it, as I am better able to understand what it's like to walk in someoe else's shoes. If white republicans would ever bother to step outside of their comfort zones, maybe they too would make an effort to help those of us who are less fortunate.

I'm sorry, G, but I think your views are quite rigid. IOur country needs to pull it together. Black-and-white thinking and blaming attitudes help no one.

Don't lose your good work ethic. I am for personal responsibility and hard work.

P.S. My parents did not come from money and college was out of reach. My father worked as a machinist for 40 years, for the same company. He never missed a day of work. He and my mother had 4 children. I still don't undestand how my mother could have handled the four of us. We all got a job when we turned 14. Each of us paid for college with a combination of loans and part-time jobs. We're all doing well, and we have two hard-working parents to thank for it!

PATP   February 2nd, 2009 6:30 pm ET

Here's what I think the Rush Limbaugh question boils down to: is his brand of "straight talk" helping or hurting this country? The answer is pretty obvious if you ever have the misfortune to mistakenly tune into his diatribe...oh, I mean radio show.

One of the things I really admire about President Obama is that I have never once have heard him mudsling, degrade or denigrate anyone. He may have very strong differences with someone, but he always seems to have the ability to handle them with grace and a sense of calm. That is the way you reach a COMMON GROUND. He has class and is a great role model for our young people.

I wish the same could be said about RL and some of the other conservative talk show hosts. They say things that are so beyond the pale, so disrespectful and are always in a state of hysteria (oxys anyone?). It's hard to believe some people take them seriously.
Isn't the situation we face in this country today dire enough to shut them up? Do they ever consider that there are alot of Americans in desperate situations and that kind of nutty talk can prove to be dangerous? Especially to the individuals they are defaming . But, I'm sure RL and his ilk don't have the talent or ability to earn these big bucks (hate rant) paychecks any other way. Imagine if they took all that energy and time and actually worked to do something positive. Nah, that will never happen. Sad, sad, sad.

Malcolm   February 2nd, 2009 10:08 pm ET

I love the fact that your are so assured in your beliefs. You seem very knowledgable about the issues that face us today, as well as the history of our country.
I too am a big believer in personal accountability, and taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves in life.
However, you need to understand that not everyone is presented the same opportunities as others. To think otherwise would be foolish. I did my undergrad at a Jesuit institution, and learned first hand about service to others. When you degrade the need for social program funding, you're giving the "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" approach to life. However, what if you don't have any bootstraps?
A country that does not take care of its own people, should feel shame, because a poor man shames us all. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, what have you done for your fellow man? Spend some time serving the homeless at a local shelter. Listen to the stories they tell. You might be surprised to find many who were leaders, scholars, successful entrepreneurs. Circumstances beyond their control negatively impacted their lives, and caused them to spiral downward quickly. Let me remind you that we are all but one bad decision away from sharing that park bench with them. So practice humility, appreciate all humanity, work for unity of purpose. If the goal is to restore America, let the Limbaughs sit on the sideline, and heckle all they want. Those of us who truly are committed, will continue to push forward, defining, implementing, and refining plans to bring this country back from the brink of disaster.
In part, Washington's lack of oversight, over abundance of greed, nepotism, and cronyism is what got us here, but they're not solely to blame, Wall Street owns a large amount of culpability as well.
In all of your posts, you never mention clear abuses by Citi and others who have taken taxpayer funds, and thrown lavish parties, or purchased expensive aircraft. Yet you'll deny the laid off line worker a tax break, or extended unemployment benefits. What about the single mom who has no other options, but to live off of government assistance. Will you begrudge these people a right to basic neccessities, and condone multi-million dollar bonuses for executives in failing industries? Rush, and many in the wounded party are doing the 'rope a dope' with all those dopes who fall for it. They get us looking at lower gas prices to detract our eyes from the need for alternative energy sources. They shine the light on problems, but rarely have a solution, other than to say. "It'll work itself out. That recession will go away if we ignore it long enough"
They should ALL be afraid, from the corrupt politicians, to the Wall Street bankers. The balance of power is shifting, people from all walks of life see the hope Obama has instilled in our country, and we will continue to do so, for our generation, and those to come.

pat p   February 3rd, 2009 10:57 am ET


Beautifully said. You've summed up my feelings exactly. It's easy to highlight our country's problems as Rush & Friends do every day. But, extremely difficult to offer hope and find a solution, as President Obama is trying to do. Many experts have warned we are now in uncharted waters. Even in the Great Depression we weren't facing threat of terrorism within our own borders. One of the ways America survived that time was that the entire country did their best to pull together. We cannot afford to be divided now – especially by people who earn a handsome living doing so.

Let's give our new President a chance – the alternative is frightening.

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