January 22, 2009

Cindy McCain interviewed by Meghan; We've got John McCain!

Posted: 09:29 AM ET

**NOTE: We've got an exclusive interview with Sen. John McCain tonight – and we'll be asking about this recent interview.

In a conversation with her daughter (and blogger) Meghan, Cindy McCain opens up about subjects she couldn’t discuss before: anger at The New York Times, wardrobe malfunctions, and Obama’s inauguration.

While we were on the campaign trail, a lot was said about my mom, Cindy McCain. The media called her a Stepford wife and a Barbie doll. But because my dad was the Republican presidential nominee, she had to be careful about responding to the things being written about her. Today, all that has changed. I blogged during my dad’s campaign (sometimes to the consternation of his staff), and witnessed my mom’s interactions with the public and press firsthand. Now, as she heads to Washington for the inauguration, she opens up to me about that infamous New York Times profile (and the other media battles), being portrayed as a Stepford wife, and how her skin has thickened since the run in 2000.

(Read the interview HERE)

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henryoforegbu   January 22nd, 2009 9:48 am ET

cindy it,s never an issue 2 loose a nite sleep atleast now mum is in d office all u got 2 d is face ur future thats all.

Judith   January 22nd, 2009 5:11 pm ET

I have no problems with Cindy nor John McCain.The problem that bothered me is John should put a muzzle on Sarah Palin.Ever since John dug her out of Alaska she thinks she's still campaigning.She complained about Charlie Gibb and than Katie,then the media and now bloggers.Todays news is old news about letting her kids alone.
This is old news Larry about bloggers saying Sarah's son is her daughters.Sarah Palin was the one that drag her kids around on campaigns but the sad thing is she stuck them on platforms listening to the dangerous games she was playing about Obama who is now our President.I understand things are said while campaigning but to take your young kids to hear all the bs was terrible.Please John tell Sarah to be like Quayle and hush.She needs to worry about the people in Alaska and do a job what they are paying her to do.

Lastly I praise John McCain and now have respect for him even though I'm a democrate for looking to the future and our children' future working together with our President Barack Obama and his adm.

Joette   January 22nd, 2009 8:55 pm ET

I agree, Sarah Palin needs to go away!! She insults me each time she opens her mouth. The lack of command for the English language, lack of knowlege on issues and current events around the world and a serious lack of intellectual curiosity was very scarry! Just for the record I am a registered Rep – voted Demo this time around.

Nancy   January 22nd, 2009 9:23 pm ET

The comment about Rush Limbaugh was totally out of context. He didn't just say, "I hope Obama Fails". There was so much more to it than that. What a distortion!

Mary Jane   January 22nd, 2009 9:56 pm ET

I do not respect Palin. She will never be an up-right person. She was a sham from the first and tried to con the people in thinking she had what it took to make a good vp. I hope to God she never runs for any position again. She would never make a good president. She is a shallow person and lacks intregity, morals, intellgence, understanding it takes to be a wise leader. I can't find anything good to say about her except hope she stays out of the news.

MILLZI   January 23rd, 2009 1:01 am ET

Sarah Palin brought life to John McCains campaign. Many people took notice and gathered around McCain. many who wouldn't have voted because his campaign was dead, boring and going no where. Sarah had a fresh smile and would have been fine from the begining if they hadn't hid her for weeks and try to make her over. Sarah is just what you see is what yiou get. How refreshing! Beats the hell out of that sour face unhappy Hillary who would come back after her own party made a joke out of her. I have more pride than that. But once again she stood by her man, nothing to her. That isn't my kind of strong women.

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