January 6, 2009

Tuesday AM Round-Up; They're baaaaccckkkk...

Posted: 08:47 AM ET

*Happy Tuesday!  The new Congressional class of 2009 is sworn in today... will Franken and Burris be a part?

*As the Bush administration winds down, here's a good look-back on notable presidential pardons.

*And here are some notable "Bushisms" from over the years.

*In the current economic state, not everyone is cutting jobs - the FBI is adding almost 3000 new positions.  See the jobs here.

*Authorities in Kansas are looking for a boy who disappeared about a decade ago, but was not reported missing until a few weeks ago – READ HERE

*Talk about an incentive... buy a home and get a Lexus for free – See it here.

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Tam   January 6th, 2009 9:29 am ET

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John Travolta's brother Joey thought Jett had autism

Joeytravolta According to the London Mirror, there have been many Travolta family arguments caused by Jett Travolta's illness.

The source, a close friend of John's brother, Joey Travolta, told the Mirror that Joey and John often argued about what was wrong with John's son Jett.

John didn’t believe his condition was autism, a condition not recognized by Scientology. Brother Joey believed Jett suffered from autism.

Ironically, John’s brother Joey had learned a lot about the disorder when he interviewed 65 autistic youngsters for a documentary called “Normal People Scare Me.” He even co-wrote the theme song, "Locked Inside of Me."

The award-winning documentary taught people about autism, which can cause violent seizures. Joey also formed the group Actors for Autism, which helps autism sufferers make films about their lives and experiences.

According to Hollywood Elsewhere, John and his wife Kelly Preston did not attend a 2006 autism event, Cure Autism Now, at which his Joey's documentary was screened.

The friend told the Mirror: “Joey could see Jett in every one of those 65 kids he spoke to (for the film.) It was so obvious Jett was autistic just from spending five minutes with him, but the cruel fact of their religion meant his parents simply did not accept it.”

Click here to see a video of Jett with his family, shot in Paris just a few weeks ago.

John and Kelly have long denied suggestions that Jett had autism, saying instead that he suffered from seizures brought on by Kawasaki Syndrome.

According to the Telegraph, some health experts say there is no link between Kawasaki and seizures. However, it’s reportedly common for sufferers of autism to have seizures if they are left untreated.

Autism is often associated with epilepsy. Nearly half of autistic children in the U.S. are prescribed anti-convulsion drugs. About a third develop epilepsy. Many suffer from seizures that can begin in adolescence.

And, according to many experts, there are dozens of drugs designed to help, beyond the one Jett was reportedly forced to discontinue because it stopped working.

This is getting more and more confusing. What do you make of all this?

Keep reading to see a video of Joey at the Travolta Film Camp for Autistic kids and Joey at a reading on World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2008.

Photo: Joey Travolta in 2004. WireImage

shirley guinn   January 6th, 2009 11:06 am ET

I think it is time to stop speculating on the reason why Jett Travolta died. This family needs to grieve over their loss. They are wonderful parents that have just lost their son. Leave them alone or just give them your sympathys.

Stayce Avery   January 6th, 2009 11:24 am ET

Calling All Angles

A battle exists we don’t always recognize

Too consumed with things in our own lives to stop

And empathize with the one whose angle has been called home.

Not left to roam in the current state but O’ how

We appreciate the impact you imprinted

On the depths of thee. . .your eyes brilliantly

Astonish me!!!

You will always be a part of destiny; not just a memory.

The All will establish the child of His creation.

Through human only speculation of the duration but through

Love is comfort in sustaining the understanding.

The ultimate plan of an Angle who’s been called home.

Stayce Avery
Houston, Tx

Barbara Blitman   January 6th, 2009 11:28 am ET

my heart goes out to the Travolta family. I have an Austic grand-daughter. who is high function. goes to college. my daughter just passed away from ovarian cancer. Its not an easy road.

Eric J.C. TN   January 6th, 2009 1:17 pm ET

What does Travolta have to do with this blog people?

Gary Chandler in Canada   January 6th, 2009 5:18 pm ET

Following is an effective strategy the Israelis could employ in Gaza that would gain World wide approval and interest.
Call a cease fire 3 days and set up cannon/rocket sites on the border along with drone surveillance.
Whenever there is a rocket fired from Gaza, show live TV shots of the telemetry of where they are fired from. Show an a helicopter and/or drone blowing a siren in the area where the rocket came from.
After an hour, the civilians have been given the choice of vacating or being 'martyrs'.
Fire ten rockets into the location of the Hamas rocket shot, whether it is a mosque or hospital.
Keep doing this until the Hamas stop firing rockets.

Gary Chandler in Canada   January 6th, 2009 5:27 pm ET

After a week, the siren warning is dropped to 30 minutes before blasting the launch area. After 2 weeks, 15 minutes.
After 3 weeks 5 minutes. After a month NO warning. By that time Gazans know to get out or NOT LET rockets be fired from their homes, hospitals, mosques. The Hamas can WARN the neigbhors to get out of the launch area!
The Israelis HAVE the technology to mount this type of defense. They would be seen as 'justifiable' and 'proportionate' responses.
Retaliation would ONLY be after a rocket attack, and ONLY at the location of launch site.

Gary Chandler in Canada   January 6th, 2009 5:35 pm ET

I have to tell you, a 2 month gap in the transition of power after a Presidential election looks very Mickey Mouse.
Surely; this could and should be reduced to a couple of weeks in the future?
I suggest lengthening the Term of a future President by a few months.
elections April 15 – inauguration May 1

Gary Chandler in Canada   January 6th, 2009 5:43 pm ET

I don't watch late night comedy.
Did anybody do a skit on your bail out money that was paid as 'retention' incentives to executives???
WHERE would they go, into politics? sheesh
Now if they paid some of them to LEAVE, that would be money well spent.
'Freedom' and 'wildness' are opposites not similes. You have a wild economy, NOT a free economy.
Taking all the traffic lights off the roadways would be wildness, not freedom.
Executive salaries should be legislated as base plus performance!
Interest rates should legally controlled.
Let the Mafia handle loan sharking, not the credit card companies!

Leonard   January 6th, 2009 5:47 pm ET

"When they call the role call in the Senate, the Senators dont know whether to answer 'present' or 'not guilty'." Pres T Roosevelt, awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace and, posthumously, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

When you consider an expert opinion like Pres Roosevelts, Franken and Burris should fit in rather well.

Leonard   January 6th, 2009 5:48 pm ET

"Send in the clowns, ...they're already here."

atsegga   January 6th, 2009 6:42 pm ET

The Borgen Project has informative statistics on addressing global poverty.

$30 billion ends world hunger
$550 billion is the US Defense budget

This organization has the ability, resources, and policy-makers to suppress the threat of global poverty by enacting legislation here in the US, which is tied to the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals. Please support organizations such as The Borgen Project so that we may rid the world of poverty.

Mike, Zephyrhills, FL   January 6th, 2009 8:57 pm ET

I wish I could say im Hopeful and positive about Congress. Im just not seeing anything that indicates a new order or form of govt that will get the money and laws to the people. I think it still is Trickle Down Economics, Clinton Administartion and Bush's people still around not allowing anything to get to the bottom.

No Accountablility being talked about and people held accountable by anyone for the past sins.

1>>2000 Bill allowing Wall Street to lend as they please and sell loans etc... Signed by Clinton
2>> 9/11 Conspiracy and cover up Bush to Saudi's
3>> Iraq War Lies
4>> Dubai Ports Deals etc... 100's others!
5>> No action on Illegal Immigrants, employers who still hire them?
6>> Stimulus Plan does not go to main street america, still at the top, Infrastructure jobs are held 50% by illegals,??
7>> Medical Billing electronic records etc.. that doesnt do nothing for me, most records or entered in India anyway and wired back here??
8>> Tax cuts for businesses, who same companies who make everything in China?
9>> Greening and Up grading labs schools, yea right! States control that.
10>> Greening Buildings, wonder who will get those jobs? Illegals!

A>>Where is a National Healthcare Plan,
B>>Immigration Policy that enforces employers to hire americans or go to jail period.
C>> Fair Tax to fund the things we all need,
D>> Insurance Reform, from Home, Car, Flood, Health, etc...

I bet we fund going to Mars and more money for useless Probes etc... Waste of Billions!!

Nope I expect nothing but more bad news for the middle class and poor, I think we will be just like Mexico in 10-20 yrs, w 10% super rich, 90% poor. God help us!!

Marie Mont   January 6th, 2009 8:58 pm ET

RE: Travolta Death Leave the family alone,allow them the time to grieve.If they want the public to know anything they will tell them when they are ready. All these coroners and doctors want their five minutes of fame get over it.I would rather be whom I am then put up with what the Travolta family have to at a time like this.BACK OFF AND LET THEM GRIEVE

shelley ruby   January 6th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

i just wanted to send my love and support to the travolta family and to say that every morning since hearing the news of your beloved son, i have woken up with a pain in my heart for you. please know that your family and your lives have had a huge impact on the entire world. being that john has brought such joy to this planet with his remarkable talent and his sharing of his ability to love with his talent and his enormous commitment to his beautiful family. just know that you are loved back and that your beautiful son jett will always bring you love. that he had said his last word and spent his life with you and your family must bring comfort to you in this most difficult time. i don't know if anything i have said can help you john and kelly but i do hope to offer my love. sincerely shelley ruby

Tracey Willetts   January 7th, 2009 12:57 am ET

As a parent it greatly saddens me that the Travolta family has lost an irreplaceable member of their family. Being the parent of a 16 year old son that has a progressive developmental disability I am discussed that this family can’t even grieve the lost of their precious son without the media playing the guessing game and doctor. Jett was their child he was also a big brother and a valued part of his family and community. Why does it matter what official diagnoses Jett might or might not have? He was human, with a caring and loving family that will miss him deeply.

Wilmington, N.C

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