December 2, 2008

Dean Cain: "Eyes on Kenya"

Posted: 03:37 PM ET

On a recent trip to Africa, Dean Cain visited with families devastated by the AIDS crisis. He shares his observations and touching recollections exclusively with the LKL Blog about a once in a lifetime journey he'll never forget.

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One of the advantages to having achieved a certain amount of fame, is the ability to spotlight causes and bring certain situations to light. I was given this opportunity when I traveled to Kenya earlier this year to film a documentary called “Eyes on Kenya” which airs Wednesday, December 3rd on My Network. A group of 6 film and television actors visited Nairobi and its slums, and then went on safari in the legendary Masai Mara. This program documents our experiences. Being a devoted father to an eight year-old boy, I knew I would be in for a heart-wrenching but very rewarding experience.

My job was to visit a family devastated by AIDS. This is ground zero of the AIDS pandemic. The father long since gone, the mother in the hospital with full-blown AIDS, and the three children, aged 9, 7, and 2, left to fend for themselves. The children were also HIV-positive, though completely unaware. I visited them in their home, no larger than my closet, talked with them and observed their living-conditions. Unimaginable. I gave the children food and clothing, and took them out of the slums for the first time in their lives. It is one thing to see these conditions on television, but truly horrifying when you see and smell it with your own senses. It is also different when you look a child in the eye.

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ed ,vancouver canada   December 2nd, 2008 7:49 pm ET

The disease engineered to wipe out the gay population went amok and the suffering worldwide is truly sick.What is more sick is all the millions of medical experts and there is no cure.

Spike, Oklahoma City - Oklahoma   December 3rd, 2008 12:44 am ET

My friend Dean Cain, welcome to Kenya and Africa. As you said, kenya is a land full of contradictions with heart-wrenching poverty on one hand and majestic beauty on the other. My suggestion to first-time travellers to this land with such extreme contradictions is to literally suspend their disbelief if they intend to keep their sanity intact upon return. I hope your cause and adventures will keep this land in our minds and hearts in the spirit of our common humanity. It is indeed a matter of moral obligation for us to face these challenges of human inequality with a united voice for action to combat it around the world.

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