October 7, 2008

Larson: Obama's snake oil...

Posted: 04:17 PM ET

I know the mainstream media wants to paint Senator McCain as the desperate one in this Presidential race, but I saw Senator Obama working hard to sell a lot of snake oil last night. He claims his spending cuts eclipse his spending proposals? I see 860 billion in new stuff but I don't see that much in cuts. Obama "never promoted Fannie & Freddie"? that must have been why they made you the top recipient of campaign donations huh? The Illinois Senator says we now have to coordinate our regulations on lending and borrowing "with other countries"? Obama says that health care should be a "right". If health care is a right, what about food and housing?

I loved Senator McCain calling to build nukes "lots of em". McCain reminded the audience that Obama promised not to raise taxes even on the rich (abc Sunday show) if the economy is bad. Well, Senator Obama, that rainy day has arrived.

Senator Obama says there is a "moral obligation" for the United States to act even when there is not a security interest for our country. And to put a finer point on it, Obama said "when ethnic cleansing is happening somewhere around the world". If true Senator, why wasn't there a moral obligation to liberate Iraq as we did? Didn't you see the video of the graves of the hundreds of thousands, the kurds gassed in the streets of their towns, and the marsh people driven from their homes.

Obama keeps saying that America is spending 10-billion dollars a month in Iraq (a number I would debate with him if he would ever agree to interviews). That's a lot of cash, but it's less than one percent of America's monthly GDP. And the Senator keeps referring to Iraq's 79 billion dollar "surplus". Iraq has oil income (not a surplus) of 79 billion dollars a year for a country of 27 million people. That money must pay for all the costs of a government and its population. That means a country starting its own police and military, rebuilding nearly all its infrastructure, and supplying most of the needs of its people from one income source has just 3-thousand dollars for each man, woman and child (including energy, health care, schools, transportation etc). by comparison we spend 9-thousand dollars for each citizen just on government (3 trillion divided by 300 million citizens).

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Deborah Atwell   October 7th, 2008 7:48 pm ET

Today in Pensacola, Fl , Sarah the Terror comes to town to a sold out civic center. But what most of America may not know is that this area of FLorida is mostly Republican so she got a big hoo-rah from the Fly Boys and the several military bases and there famlies. I am a democrat so of course I did not attend. I come from a family of active and retired miltary, my father who happens to be 80 yrs old and spent 27 yrs in the Navy told me the other day he was voting for Obama because John is just to old to run the country, boy was I shocked, that from a 80 year old white man raised in the South, I said Dad I am very proud of you !! He said no honey I am thinking of my greatgrandkids and grandkids, and I hope they don’t have to live thru the terrible depression like I was raised in , you see my dad was born in 1928 and he well remembers how it was to grow up living on a prayer, and watched as his Dad got a job with the WPA under Rosevelts plan for bailing out AMerica, back then they bailed out America not Wall Street. But it was during this time of his growing up years that he learned to put the money in the mattress, thank god for smart DADS.

Angel M.   October 7th, 2008 8:33 pm ET

that really gives me hope, deborah. This last few days when everything that palin and McCain have been saying and doing made me really sad . In times like these the last things americans need is such horrible comments that or not true and do nothing to calm the fears and give anyone hope. This is a very serious time in americans history and to muddy the waters with such rediculous speculation just serves no perpose. what happened to the straight talk express, running a clean campaign, and issues that are really important to people. god bless Obama and Bidon please bring the hope and change we really need.

populist pundit   October 7th, 2008 9:55 pm ET

It is interesting to hear McCain repeat over and over how the American people need to get used to less government support. There is little or no support from the U.S. Government for the American people today.

McCain has a nice Senator’s pension. He doesn’t have a 401k.

The 401k has been a joke around the world and is a bigger joke now. The joke is on the American worker who doesn’t have a pension and is at the mercy of the stock market which pays CEO’s millions of dollars to play the economy like a casino and gives them guaranteed pensions that make the average workers working wages look like peanuts

The United States is the only industrial country which has no comprehensive health care for its people. Our Senators have great health care and will have it for life. Why do our leaders have such great health care yet 1/5 of a nation has no health care and 67% have inadequate coverage.

It is easy to talk about cutting programs that basically don’t exist.

What about cutting Corporate Welfare?

What about having competitive bidding on contracts?

Haliburton should give back 50% of all money earned on the lives of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I would like to hear McCain talk about cutting all Senator’s pensions and have all of Congress pay for their own medical coverage.

Since the CEO’s of big companies have destroyed the economy, let’s reward them with a new salary structure for American Companies. CEO’s could be limited to a salary that is no more than 100 times the lowest paid worker in their company and since CEO’s are paid so well they should pay for their own medical coverage and be given a 401k.

No more fat pensions or fat compensation rewards for destroying the economy and not building the society.

I would like to hear about a Universal Campaign funding limits. England limits each candidate to 10,000 British pounds. Let’s limit American Campaigns to 100,000 dollars for each candidate.

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