May 20, 2009

Good News for Natalie Cole

Posted: 04:20 PM ET

art.natalie.cole.cnnOn March 31, Natalie Cole joined Larry King to talk about her desperate search for a kidney.  We're happy to announce she has found a donor and underwent kidney transplant surgery yesterday in Los Angeles.

Here's the backstory, including video of Larry's interview with Natalie Cole

And here is the statement from Natalie Cole's folks:

LOS ANGELES, CA—May 20, 2009—Natalie Cole underwent kidney transplant surgery yesterday at Cedars- Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and is resting comfortably.  The kidney came from a deceased organ donor through the regional organ procurement agency, One Legacy. Ms. Cole has been receiving kidney dialysis three times a week since September, often at hospital locations around the world as she continued her world tour in support of her current double Grammy winning CD, “Still Unforgettable.”

Ms. Cole’s physicians have advised her to postpone her summer tour dates as she recuperates for the next three to four months.  Further information about the re-scheduled dates will be available shortly.

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Al Mera   May 20th, 2009 7:28 pm ET

Natalie Cole got her kidney. Now that would not be bad or wrong had she not used her "fame" and economic clout to get on TV and BEG for a kidney.
Considering how many patients are waiting for a kidney transplant but do not have the power of fame and fortune, what she did is a crime, and what Doctors and Hospitals did to facilitate her operation should be investigated and tried in court.
Also, considering she did the damage to her kidney and the rest of her body by the use of drugs, makes this incident even more DISGUSTING.

Dave of Detroit   May 20th, 2009 8:39 pm ET

Natalie probably had the permanent wrist inplant that could be plugged into the dialysis machine. If she was getting dialysis that often, her kidneys were very bad. I do not agree with any part of the "disgusting" dialogue as she is a fellow human being as well as a famous entertainer. Her use of drugs is hardly surprising in the entertainment world but I think that she has learned that her behavior was self destructive and that is a good lesson for anyone. I also think that entertainers are great examples of the worst things that can and do happen to everyone-I wish her the best and pray for a total and rapid recovery.

Kathy Fredericks   May 20th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Dear Larry,

I am very happy that everyone has offered Natalie Cole a "KIDNEY"
but why is it that there are so many people in need of one yet there
are so many few that offer the really sick people of the U.S.A. that
can't afford even treatment???

I really think that it's a shame that people will offer their organs to
the "RICH & FAMOUS" and not the struggling mothers,fathers,sisters
and children that are dying right now while waiting for someone to
help them!!! It's all about "WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT THEY CAN GET

So, I guess I'm asking for all the people that are in need of a transplant- (Where are you for us "SMALL PEOPLE)"

Kathy Fredericks   May 20th, 2009 10:19 pm ET


I think that you should tell all your "viewers" that are willing to give
up their "kidney" to the rich, that maybe they should go visit their
local hospital and see all the people in need of help too!!! There
are babies,mothers,fathers and my own "cousin" that is dying
right now, so please don't praise Natalie because someone came
to her rescue, because it's "ALL ABOUT MONEY" and that is very sad.
Once again,

mel   May 21st, 2009 12:47 am ET

wow, on dialysis since september and she already got a kidney? that is unheard of for the "average" person. most organ programs do not except drug abusers into the program, but as we see here and in the past with mickey mantle and larry hagman those rules do not apply if you are famous. this is one reason i will not be an organ donor. this is why there is a shortage of organs. as to the one poster who mentions her drug abuse should not be surprising because of the environment she lived in, that is the silliest thing ever. like everything else if you are rich and famous rules do not apply to you.

Kathy Fredericks   May 21st, 2009 12:50 am ET

I am sorry if I came on to strong about Natalie getting her "new"
kidney-but what I failed to tell you is that I have a son that was
stricken with "Juvenile Diabetes" a couple of months after his
13th. birthday...He was in I.C.U. for a week and then placed on another floor for another week... Yes, my son needs a "PANCREAS TRANSPLANT! He's going on 16 now and "yes" his health isn"t
the best and "I" need help dealing with the thought of the fear of
losing him someday... I'm not asking for nothing from anyone-
because what happens in life 'HAPPENS" but my only regret is that
I wish I had some "SPECIAL MEDICAL" connection like your famous
guest , because I would I would give my "OWN LIFE" just to save
his... It"s not fair for a child to go before their parent...

tfor now I have to keep watching my "SON' take his injections
everyday...   May 21st, 2009 12:54 am ET

I am so grateful that we live in a time when someone can be given the chance to receive support... and the outcome is a life is saved and or better off! What a beautiful thing. Stay positive and thankful for whatever you have.

Don't you Agree?

Linda Simms   May 21st, 2009 12:24 pm ET

My son has been on dialysis since February and will be needing a transplant. I just want to say to all these so-called angry people that first of all Natalie has not used drugs in many, many years. The kidney failure is a result of her PAST drug use. Second, people do whatever they can to get treatment and if she was able to save herself, why not? No one can tell me that if they had a chance to get a kidney before all the other person on a list that they wouldn't jump at the chance! People are so quick to judge others. Let's face it, Natalie has given thousands upon thousands of dollars to charity. Save the Children and the AIDS foundation are a few. She should be blessed to receive. If these so-called folk did the same, maybe they will be blessed too!! Before making judgements, get the facts!! I am not angry because she was able to get a kidney I think its wonderful and I wish her well and all the best!

Pam   May 21st, 2009 7:09 pm ET

I'm glad that Natalie received a kidney but here we go again where celebrity status does make a difference. She stated that she has been on dialysis for "months".

I have been on dialysis since "2002". First hemodialysis and since 2003 peritoneal dialysis which I do myself at home all night while I sleep. I work a full-time job, have never been a drug abuser, have raised a family, maintain a household, and keep myself as healthy as I possibly can, I take all my medications, keep all my Doctor appointments and follow all the rules of being a "renal patient".

I have resolved myself to a lifetime on dialysis due to the growing numbers. I would suggest to everyone to please sign your donor card and make your wishes known to your families. Despite the shortage, many organs are never used because individuals are not prepared.

If Larry King and other broadcasters made a plea for dialysis patients, many lives would be saved.

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