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Carly Fleischmann's Exclusive Blog for Larry King Live (Join the discussion w/ Carly!)


"I don't  think we can cure autism but I wish we could.  The goal should be to get are inner selves out."


"Someone asked: Do you type independently or do you utilize any support?

I spell all by myself no one tells me what to say and no one touches me."


"Its the kids that are lost because the parents are missing the cues by their children while there rapped up in all of this."


"i think the real battle is how do you reach kids? Can any of you drs tell me how you do that."

Hi Everyone,

We have an amazing girl joining us tonight.  Her name is Carly Fleischmann.  You'll get to know her during tonight's show.  In the mean time, read a little bit about her in this exclusive commentary she provided me!


My name is carly fleischmann. I am 14. for as long as I can remember I have had autism.

I over heard jenny m say that her son commented that he felt like dory from nemo because he didn't remember things when he was autistic. However I have a great memory for many things. I also know many autistic kids that are exactly the same way. Parents know what I'm talking about, kids that can tell you the name of every subway line or that can memorize line for line different movies and tv shows. Doctors would like to tell you that we have a hard time processing information. Its not really true, our brains are wired differently. We take in many sounds and conversations at once.
I have learnt how to filter through some of the mess.